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Friday, February 4, 2011

Education - 1 ear in, out the other?

Our educational system is designed to get "the right people" into the "right place". It needs people that can function in the system we currently have. Which is a system of inequality and capitalism.
From a young age we get trained to memorize and repeat. Not only in the schooling system but also through for example - the media. Human beings are treated like objects who are potential buyers. The commercials and adds are made to create desires in people so that they will want to buy things, so more jobs can be created for those things, and more stuff can thus be sold and boost the economy.
Never mind the sweatshop workers, the animal abuse, or environmental destruction...

I remember during my schoolyears I had to repeat a lot of things. For my tests I had to memorize so much, and all the students did it and then "spilled it out" on the exams and forget all about it. There were not much practicle things included and we also did not learn anything about how our system really works. We didnt learn how our economy supports worldwide poverty, how the banking system lives on debt, how to live self-honestly, why criminals become criminals, how sweatshop workers get abused for consumer goods, how animals are being tested on for vanity etc...
You get to learn a lot about the superficial things but not the more important topics. We would for example learn about jail or avoiding bad people, but we would never learn about why people become "bad" in the first place. And how to investigate our own behavior and character.

So throughout the years, students develop the tendency to repeat, memorize, and dont give a fuck.
Now in university there are much cooler classes where there are some teachers who give very valuable information about how the world works. We have one teacher who spoke out about how charity does not adress the core of the issue of poverty, and how charity is being used as a hype for people to temporarily feel good. As if they are contributing to something good and then can go on with their lives of not really giving a fuck. It sounds harsh but thats the reality. If it was your child starving in another country, you would not do the same and be rather apathetic.
While I was studying my books and courses for these exams, I came across many interesting topics. And I thought to myself how cool it was that this is being exposed and that other students will learn from it. Like about socialisation and how people are made into consumers to boost the system. But then later on when I talk to students I notice they haven't learned a thing from it. As if its just "school stuff". But that school stuff actually had some substance.

And I asked myself; is that because of the habbit we are brought up within, the habbit of "laying back" of not caring, of relativity ? Everything is not relative! There is a specific purpose and goal behind a commercial. There is a specific goal behind the system. Its not just something thats there and you can have a different opinion about. It has a set standard which it created for to reach it. And as long as we do not take self-responsebility to create a better world, we will continue to just walk as slaves and do as we are told. But its subliminal because no one is pointing at you like a dictator saying "DO THIS NOW!!". Its all done subtle so you wont notice it. Through the cultural upbringing, the millions of adds you see during your life, all those around you who have gone through the same things and thus support it themselves and influence you to follow along. The tv shows that present the dominant culture so that it all feels so normal. Critical thinking was not part of my schoolyears, it only has become a part of the schooldays now, because of different teachers. But all the years previous was a serious lack of critical thinking.

In an Equal money system, we would make sure that children are taught what is practicle, and what is real and what will develop their own critical thinking. Where they will not just follow along, and also get the room to express themselves. Also we will not allow any manipulative commercials which treat living beings as objects for profit.
There is much to consider and we cannot wait on feelings to start to move. Because if we only wait until we feel something, that means you are a slave to your feelings. Which are programmed, and then we could wait forever. Thats why some people react to 1 thing but not towards another thing.
If we support this system it means we also support all its outflows, the war, the creation of criminals, of poverty, sweatshop abuse, animal testing for vanity, abuse of nature etc...

So investigate the equal money system, and decide where you want to stand in this life.

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