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Monday, October 24, 2011

Why isn't equal money a violent revolution?

Equal money isn’t a violent revolution because violence will not bring about a functional world system where all people are able to  live a comfortable life and are given an Equal starting point to develop themselves.  There have been violent revolutions in the past, which made the elite fearful to lose their status and money. As a result of that, slowly but surely they started to integrate a part of the population to lower the anger and frustration. Was this done because they felt bad for them? No, they did it because of their self-interest, to make sure they remain the ones on top. You can see this in Belgium history for example. So some people conditions got better, but inequality, corruption and manipulation remained. Where one people got better, others got worse. That is why today you see so many inequalities on this planet.

The middle class has been created, and has been manipulated to remain ignorant and comfortable. Education and culture focuses on keeping the status quo intact, focusing on ones self, own career, consuming, having a  family or entertaining life etc… But at what cost do we live like this? Sweatshop workers, people who work up to 15 hours a day, slave a way for the products we buy. Animals are tortured to test make up and beauty products that we use. Commercials are bombarded on tv, which our children watch and are brainwashed buy. Judgments, comparison, competition… It all adds up to a world of inequality and friction.
Lately people have been starting to wake up to this fact. People see something is quite fucked up about this system, about the fact that 1% of world population has 50% of all wealth in their hands.

As you can see, we are working on ways to show to people how we can live differently, how we can also see who we are, why we are the way we are, and stop ourselves from being limited by our own cultures or believes. We do not plan on storming the white house or whatever. We are working on a system, that can replace this one. This requires effort and learning, finding new ways which will work, research etc… It is a work in progress which anyone who is willing to can participate in. Blogs and vlogs are a powerful medium to spread awareness to the classes that can afford internet access and a pc. These classes, are the ones who have been given a more “privileged” live, and are in the position to stand up and change this system. Money decides everything these days, and now it is up to us to put it in good use.  We are in a position where our voice can be heard. We can be the voice of the millions that are deprived and abused by this current system.
And slowly but surely, when our group grows, we come closer to another way of living together.

The equal money system is for EVERYONE and is lead by EVERYONE together through direct-democracy. The living income System is all-inclusive, which means that no matter your race, belief, age, social status – no matter what – you’ll take part in and receive equal support, as the resources you require to live an effective and dignified life, from birth to death.

Why you and everyone else that lives upon this earth deserves a dignified life is simple – you are here! You are a part of this existence! Thus - it’s your birth-right to be assisted and supported to live a life, wherein you are taken care of and supported as an equal and integral part of and as existence.

Violence may stir some shit, it may create some fear in the leaders and force a few different decisions. Will it bring about a workable world system for equality for all? No, that will only happen if we create the alternative.

The Equal Money System will be democratically implemented when we are ready. Time has shown us that revolution is not the ultimate solution. It did not take in consideration to worldwide system, how to reach all people, end brainwashing, bring about a replacement system that will work for the common good. Equal money does not require a revolution, because it is what is best for all. When more and more people will investigate this, they will understand and stand for the Equal money system. The only ones that will object is the minority, those who fear loosing their wealth and ego. They will not like a system of Equality because they desire Inequality. They desire to be the masters, they desire to be better than another and to be able to exploit others for their profit. So do not listen to their lies, make up your own mind while truly investigating the solution to this global system.  Revolutions have not had a political solution in place. Yes, political solutions came about afterwards, but rarely because of the revolutionairs themselves. It were always the same leaders already in place that handed out the so called "solutions", which always ended up being solutions for a "part" of the population and never the whole.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Poverty and abuse is NOT decreasing

I've heard a few people justify their I-think-this-system-is-great-because-it-decreases-poverty-and-abuse attitude, by saying that things are getting better, people get more chances, and that in the end everyone will have it better. It's called "delusional positive thinking".

First of all we have to realise that this system functions on debt and profit. When money is nr 1, everything else is nr 2 and below, and so is the common good.

Learning about the way this system works, is best when you do this yourself. Investigating human behavior and the human mind, how our economy functions globally, how certain mindsets are created, how a group is kept dumber than another group, how some chances are limited etc....

Even when thousands get lifted out of poverty, this does not justify our current system that will NEVER place the common good on nr 1. So this system and people prospering from it could argue for another thousands of years how "some people are lifted out of poverty"", while there will always be those on the bottom. It's like the thought alone of "some" getting a better life, gives people a peace of mind. But MANY are getting a worse life. Even if it were just 100 that get deprived, those people are still baring the consequences which is NOT necessary. It is created by our allowance. But it can be reversed and stopped, slowly but surely.
You know that you can forever and ever until eternity have a system that deprives many, but raises up others, that makes people feel "secure" as if things will get better for all. It can thus keep on going forever and ever, cycle after cycle: some get better, some gets worse. But hey! who cares right! some get better so therefor it is good.
It's not. It is corrupt to it's debt. Just check out the info on this blog or many many other people's videos and blogs and books who speak out and explain how this system operates.

Here are a few articles which speak about an increase in poverty in America:

And here is a video:

"Initially capitalism had a growth and many emerged from poverty, as goods that used to have no value suddenly had value and if you were lucky enough to have land with resource like oil or gold or some other item that was uplifted to value, it would suddenly make you wealthy—the industrial revolution added to this in terms of manufactured goods

But then the kind goodness of men screwed with the formula and instead of expanding value to include all –goods were made cheaper and the corporation became the monster of profit –when profit was the way to support humans in life—capitalism worked—then it became profit for greed and extreme wealth –and it failed—in the current days –some countries that were behind on the growth part of capitalism like China ==are still improving the lives of some –but in countries where most resources are now owned –more and more people are thrown back into poverty – Unfortunately there is still the part were a few get extreme rich –like the luck in a casino – and that is used to claim that capitalism works--  in EMS the breadline would be one where each person will live in dignity –something capitalism cannot produced and it will be governed by law and principle –something capitalism abuse to protect the few against the many"

Let's do a ctrl-alt-delete on this and work together on another system that will take care of the common good as best as we can! Check out

Saturday, October 8, 2011

your "inner voice"

The following quote is a serious mind fuck, and this post will explain to you why it is.

"Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice.Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.There is no reason not to follow your heart..:)"

The first thing we have to realise, is that often the "inner voice" we have inside our head, is our programming. It are your parents, your teachers, your past friends, the media and commercials ... It is your past repeating inside your mind. We often think those thoughts are who we are, but actually those thoughts are programmed within us during our life time, dependant on where and with who and how we grew up. Take for example beauty, what you think is beautiful (inside your head) will depend on which culture you grew up in, what you heard people say, what you heard in the media. The voice in your head might tell you your not good enough, your not slender enough, or maybe it will tell you your a hot bitch, supersexy wanted by all.
Or take religion. Chances are high that when you grew up in a very christian environment, you will have the religious dogma's and reasons and believes planted inside your brain. You might even begin to think its God talking to you. You will hear the words your parents have spoken to you, or the preacher has spoken in his weekly sermons.

The quote sais that you shouldn't let others opinions drown out your own "inner voice", but actually : others opinions ARE your inner voice.
Quite a fuck up.
And often times we won't even notice, because we have a bad memory and forget a lot about what happend in our past, what influenced us, what people said etc...

"Your time is limited" sais the quote. Our time is limited indeed, so we should stop following blindly our inner voice, and be self directive.

How to escape being the slave of your inner voice?
Self-honesty. By looking at yourself and who you are, and why. Not just blindly repeat things and following what others have done before you. By seeing if your choices and words are best for all, and not just pure self-intrest.  Getting to know yourself fully, and being able to forgive yourself for your past, and to change yourself if something does not honor you or is abusive in one way or another.
So don't just repeat words, or actions such as gossiping or laughing at another person, judging them, hating, being racist etc... Investigating this world and yourself will open up just how much enslaved we really are.