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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Teenager looking for assassin through facebook

This morning I was going through the online paper, seeing it is full of bullshit about celebrities and their dresses and sports and that a sexy blond is now miss germany... That shit takes the space of the real important issues in this world. For example the starvation, the child soldiers, how our banking system creates debt and poverty, how chinese workers are often exploited for the discount shit the rich can buy and how a lot of us simply dont care. Unless it is done to us or our "loved ones" a.k.a. us because we care because OUR feelings are touched.

Anyway, I was going through the page, scrolling down and I saw this title " Teenager looking for assassin on facebook".

He wanted the woman who accused him of rape to be wiped from the face of the earth. The best thing he could think off was to look for someone to kill her on facebook. That is not really what I would choose if I wanted to commit such a crime that could cost me my life outside of prison :P
He got caught and is awaiting jail time up to 22 years.

First of all, what are people thinking when they are accusing each other of rape? Is it for revenge? Is it because of spite? Or is it some kind of secret desire?
Seconds of all, why then risk an even bigger punishment by wanting to dispose of the one that is accusing you of raping her.

Our society raises people that are able to do this to each other, to treat each other as shit. And it doesnt suprise me, when I sometimes hear and see how people treat their children. How people gossip about each other, how there is constant attention on violence, competition, winning, being "strong" etc... It are all ingredients of a "I-dont-give-a-fuck-culture". It has all become so normal. Killing, fighting, taking drugs, gossiping and talking shit about each other, animal testing for make up, exploitation, starvation... People hear it and its like: "oh well, sad, but I am going to watch some tv now."

Things have to change. We do not realise what we are creating. This profit driven system is not innocent, the media is not innocent, the parents are not innocent. We take things on without question, like puppets on strings. Learn to question your culture, your government, your own attitude and thoughts and feelings. Dont just let it control you. When you do or think something ask yourself: "Do I want this to continue in the world", "Do I want to be in the shoes of the other person", "if I was in their position, would I want people to not care about me" ? Because maybe one day you will, and then look around you, see if anyone cares and if anyone is willing to help. But all you will see is emptyness, around you and inside people. Because the life has drained out of them, and your not close to them, they are not your family or friend and your so far away. And they just keep walking and you scream, but nothing you do reaches their ears. And you feel powerless, because you cannot reach robots if they are not wired to respond to you.
This is what is really going on. Sounds to sci-fi for you? Well just look around you, look in the world. If your one of the people who said "I dnot believe what they write or show on tv", then go to those countries and investigate yourself.
Day after day we put up with this and no one is standing up to do something about it. There is this general attitude of "we are just so small", "its always been that way", "it is human nature". If all people would stop that attitude, which they can, then there would be a giant mass of people that can take action! But right now we are stuck in this low inferior attitude. Like the leaders are superhumans much better then ourselves who have to sort things out. Thats why we want an end to it and bring together a group of people that will care at . It is very easy to just let things be, but when your sick or in pain you realise how much it sucks and you just want it to end. And imagine people undergoing this daily, nto only people also animals, because of preventable things.

And right now couples can have babies, all they want, there isn't much screening being done if they are proper parents. And so many screw up their children to make them into copies of themselves that care about only money, or how they look and judging others on their appearance, that they have to "fit in", care about what others say about them, follow along and not think for themselves, to respond to punishment instead of using common sense. It is a way of creating obedient slaves. And successfull it has been. I have seen parents laughing at their child when it kicks or hits their brother or sister. as if it is innocent. But they train the child to think that behavior is harmless, like they can just kick and slam, no problem. And then on tv there is all the violence and an attitude of battle. Not only physical. Check out the tv shows about teenage girls or friends and what they argue about, and how they treat each other, or gossip. And then all the magazines with the beauty standards and what products you have to use because without them your just not good enough. And children play it out, and copy what they see. And none is questioned sincerely. Not even in school.

Why are such things even allowed to be played out on tv? It is all profit above life. Money money money. It boggels my mind thinking about that, how the hell did we come to find this so normal. Because it has become the norm ofcourse. And if you introduce these graudal changes, people accept it, take it on, continue it, and dont protest. Because it is the norm = normal. And those who deviate from that are often ridiculed. It is the way of a system to maintain itself. Making sure every opposition is silenced. Either by social pressure, physical pressure or simple ignorance.

And so we create people who will accuse each other falsly, for various reasons, who will treat each other like an object, something not worth a thing, something "less" and inferior. People who have no value for life and can dispose of each other.
Because in the end, nothing will matter anymore.
Not even our own destruction.

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  1. Well said, Ann.
    Yesterday, I was talking to someone, and response was that we're just floating on this rock and it's cosmic luck that we got here, when it's done it's done, and there's nothing we can do about it.