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Monday, March 28, 2011

Birds spread dangerous plastic around the entire world!!

Birds spraid dangerous plastic around the entire world!
But the correction is: HUMANS spread dangerous plastic around the entire world.
The article speaks about seabirds carrying hundreds tons of plastic from one side of the earth to the other each year. They mistake the plastic for food. The effect of the plastic is that it kills massive amounts of birds, sea animals and fish worldwide.
For example the albatross, that feed their babies with little pieces of plastic that look like food. The little ones die of malnutrition and when they body decomposes, the plastic lands back into the sea. Deadly recycling.
A lot of sea birds have plastic inside their stomach. According to experts this is also happening with sea turtles and many fish species. The northern storm bird is a common seabird, millions live on this planet. The whole population is carrying approximate 45 tons of plastic inside their stomachs. That is an estimation from Jan Andries of Franker, Biologist bij IMARES, Institute for Marine Resources & Ecosystem Studies in Wageningen.
Van Franeker is now in Honolulu where the 5th international conference of sea pollution is taking place. The previous was in 2011.
“I sometimes have nightmare where I see storm birds dropping tons of plastic on the members of this conference room” sais Franeker. “now that would be a statement”. The oceans are being more and more polluted with the enormous quantities of plastic, fishing utensils and other rubbish.
According to Achim Steiner, principal of UNEP, the rubbish at sea is an “invisible” problem en is thus ignored. New scientific research has shows that tiny bits of plastic discharge chemicals that are damaging for the endocrine system. This has dramatic effect for sea life and humans.

Yearly about 260 million tons of new plastic is made. In 1950 this was only 5 million. Everyone in the developed countries uses about 100 kg plastic a year. People in the underdeveloped world use about 20 kg.

Plastic doesn’t decompose, it falls apart in smaller pieces, until it become microscopical.  And that way it can stay 100 of years in our environment. According to the UNEP principal Steiner, new measures are necessary.  He wants to broaden the EPR system that forces fabricants and importers to recycle a certain amount of their products.  And to put “statiegeld” on plastic. Which is extra money you have to pay for it.

A last warning; “decomposable or recycle plastic should be forbidden. In Bioplastic is as much plastic as the plastic made from oil. The bioplastic just breaks down faster, but the microparts remain in the environment just like with regular plastic.”
So BIO is not always best, there is much we don’t know – people would assume bioplastic is better for the environment but it is not.

So I say: no, not higher taxes, no extra pay for plastic.
What I say is: an equal money system!!
Which will make sure life is on nr 1 and not profit! That nothing that is not necessary and is harmful for nature and beings, is not allowed.
In the equal money system there are no taxes. So investigate it! Join in with the movement.
Our current capitalist system treats beings as objects, people are just consumers, potential buyers. Manipulated through media with the commercials, triggering desires. You will never be good enough and always want and need more. That is it’s design, because it cannot fall still. If it does then no profit can be made. And capitalism thrives on profit and exploitation.
Which also requires massive amounts of energy, and fabrics – such as plastic. To fabricate all the useless shit.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Police raid Bangladesh 'slave' camp

Police raid Bangladesh 'slave' camp

Visit: to end this abuse and create a new system of equality , where life has value!

Naked Aggression: 'Libya assault planned months ahead'

More analysis on the situation in Libya – we go live with Stephen Lendman, a Chicago based radio host of a political talk show.

Reporter: “So with violence raging elsewhere in the region, for example in Bahrain and Yemen , why is Libya getting all the attention?”

Stephen: “well Libya is getting attention because America support the monarchy in Bahrain, supports the president in Yemen. But does not support Gaddafi and that’s very ironic, because around 2003, Gaddafi established (inaudible) Washington, relations were fine. He had meetings with US officials including secretary of state Clinton who expressed very warm regards for Gaddafi. Basically deceiving him, because what’s going on now was planned many months in advance .
 A military engagement like America undertakes does not just happen, it is planned a week or 2 weeks in advance  - this was planned months in advance. Neuro linguistics, there were targets to pick out, troop deployments, and the massaging of public opinion in America, preparing the US public for America again to go at war illegally – this is naked aggression against another country , but the American people have to be convinced that it is humanitarian intervention, the same idea…

Reporter:”If I can just jump in – you don’t think that this is an organic outgrowth of the other uprising that are going on in the middle east region ? You think this is something that is planned for months by the US?”

Stephen: “Absolutely, this has nothing to do with the other uprisings – the other uprisings are very legitimate.  Egypt, Yemen, the Bahranians , to Haitians, the Algerians! You hear very little about this in the US media. But Libya is all over the media and has been for weeks. Gaddafi is targeted for removal – so he is the bad guy. I am not a pro Gaddafi supporter, but he is the designated bad guy. There are lots of bad guys in the region. But the ones that Washington favorites get no criticism in the US media – there is virtually no reporting about them. So Saleh in Yemen can murder civilians – and just killed dozens a day or so ago. The same thing going on in Bahrain, Saudi troops coming in murdering civilians, occupying the country – it’s barely noticed in the west. No outrage from Obama, no outrage from Hilary Clinton – but Gaddafi, who cannot instigate the violence in Libya , he responded to it. He responded to US special forces , CIA agents, British SAS forces , going in to Libya weeks, maybe months in advance ,  in listening support, arming them, funding them, and setting them off violently against Gaddafi forces . That is called : an insurrection. No responsible leader can not respond to an insurrection. If that happened in America, if it happened in Russia – the government in either country or both absolutely would respond forcefully , as it should. Gaddafi did that .

Reporter:” The Arab league has now said that the campaign in Libya has gone beyond what they backed- do you think the multinational forces review their operations , taking that into account?”

Stephen: “Well, I saw the Arab league statement – in fact I got a reuters report on my desktop that I had just before it went on air. I honestly take that as a hollow statement because the Arab League wholeheartedly endorsed “humanitarian interventioning ” against Libya – knowing full well there is nothing what so ever planned or intended, is no humanitarian intervention going on. This is naked aggression , they know it. What did they expect, when America goes in any sort of intervention, what did they expect? No attack? Nothing what so ever? They knew this was coming. They endorsed it, and now they are complaining about civilian casualties. In any sort of hostile intervention , automatically brings with it civilian casualties. They did at least dozens – I don’t think they discovered all the ones that have happened – 3 hospitals …”

*link lost


Check out for a new world, and a better humanity.
Be the change - change the being

In a world where all are valued as life - such abuse would not be tolerated. There would be no capitalism, no starvation, no poverty --> thus less reasons for people to fight and indoctrinate. Abusive leadership will not be allowed.

How will the Money-system be managed – who can be trusted?

The best solution that we’re seeing here is to have an administration – not a government – to oversee the working of the system. Yes, we’re expressly suggesting the system should be largely automated, so as to diminish any opportunities for abuse. The administration will be replaced with an entirely new administration yearly – based on majority vote from the people, whereby one can ‘be in office’ only once and then never again.
Specific training programs will be set up to teach people the nessecary skills to perform such a task – where the test will be if the person develops the skill on the one hand, but more importantly: if the person can be trusted with such a responsibility – to allways act in a way that is best for all.
Note that our current leaders don’t require to be tested on their integrity to be able to go for office – the one who is able to best deceive everyone will generally win an election, which is why this world has never changed. In an Equal money-system such forms of abuse will no longer be possible.

Various levels of "control", such as also the ability of others that can stand up when a member of administration is doing something what is bad for a certain group for example.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


- They estimate around 20.000 deaths from the Japan earth quake and tsunami
-1,03 million Japanese are without drinking water
-884 million people lack access to safe water supplies; approximately one in eight people.
-2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation, including 1.2 billion people who have no facilities at all
-1.4 million children die as a result of diarrhea each year.
-Every year 15 Million children die of hunger

-It is estimated that some 800 million people in the world suffer from hunger and malnutrition
-One in twelve people worldwide is malnourished, including 160 million children under the age of 5
-An estimated two million women and children are sold into the forced sex trade every year
-Hundreds of millions work in sweatshops today. An estimated 220 million children
-3 billion people in the world today struggle to survive on US$2/day
-Thousands and thousands of children are killed every year as a direct result of fights from knives, wounds, bullets, bombs, landmines, machetes, grenades. But many more die from poor nutrition and diseases caused by increasing conflicts.
-An estimated one million children around the world are forced into prostitution every year
-and the total number of prostituted children could be as high as 10 million
-140 Billion Animals Slaughtered Every Year
Let’s not just freak out when disaster strikes in our face – disaster strikes every day!!
People freak out over Japan while the rest of the year they continue to not give a shit. This is unacceptable! We have to work on another world if we truly care. If we don’t, then it shows us we don’t really care. And to see if you are selfish or not, imagine if it was your child starving and what you would do.
All the things above are allowed by our current system – it is preventable! There is enough resources and ability. There is also a huge polarity in the distribution of it worldwide, and the maintenance of it by our current system.
We need to end this separation! So that we can have 1 world where people can actually learn to love each other for real. Without the cultural programming that abuses and treats people as slaves that blindly follow.
Research equal money

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Earthquake and tsunami in Japan - what in the equal money system?

"BANGKOK, Thailand — Japan’s biggest quake in modern times ravaged the nation’s northeast coast Friday with 30-foot high waves and violent tremors.
Waves moving at an estimated 500 miles per hour surged onto the coast of Sendai, a city of roughly 1 million. The tsunami, caused by an 8.9-magnitude offshore earthquake, has left at least 30 dead so far, according to Japanese news outlets.
Once ashore, the tsunami took the form of a rolling, miles-wide sludge that consumed everything in its path. The fast-moving brown water, choked with power lines, homes and other debris, was captured by airborne videographers from NHK, Japan’s national public broadcasting company. Several homes remained on fire while bobbing in the sludge."


The earthquakes and the tsunami caused by it in Japan caused many deaths and injuries, infrastructures lost, electricity loss, lack of food and also probably radioactive contamination. People are advised not to drink from the water and wear wet cloth around their body when they have to leave their house. The reactors are now claimed to be on a meltdown but this is unsure.

There is a lot of damage and they predict problems with getting sufficient food to all the people. So this will cost lots of money. Charities are beings raised up for people to donate and “help”. Let me say first of all, I am not opposed to sending help to those areas. If I was in that area I would want to be helped as well.

But we have to take this and learn from it, as we should have learned ages ago. That the system currently in place – is not the best system to take care of such problems. It depends on money to fix these problems. It “waits” for money to come in order to help.  Our capitalist system does not do what is best for all, and create products that break down fast of low quality, so people can buy new ones and work for it, to boost the economy. It is the same with a lot of things, including houses which are not build taking in consideration the environment. The houses (often in poor areas) are build in a way that they can easily be destroyed. Poor quality material, or work finished to fast to make more profit. And if disaster strikes then … it is even worse than if we would have build things with the highest quality, and with the consideration of the environment.
The Equal money system is not based on today’s money, it is not based on profit. It is about sustainability, about creating quality, taking inconsideration the life around us, the environment, the weather etc… Taking care of each other, as 1 world people. Not allowing another country to live in poverty while we prosper. Not allowing another country to create shit conditions while we have the technology and ability to do better.  When a natural disaster strikes then, the impact will be less.
We also need transparency and not a media who gives different messages to entertain the readers. Or companies or government hiding the facts because it may mean profit loss for them.
In an Equal money system there will be no need to ask donations from people, because the system will provide it regardless. As the basic agreement of “to do what is best for all”. And do our very best to deal with that situation. Also having people live in safer areas and avoiding unsafe living areas in this world. People often say “overpopulation”, but when poverty drops, birth rate drops. + there is more than enough room for even more people on this planet. Just not in capitalism . But the fact is that there are enough resources to sustain many more people. Also when scarcity is removes and people are within healthy environments with good education, many people don’t want or need children.
Check out 12 myths about world hunger:

People often say to that : “of course what else can they do”. But this is only because we have created a world where countries are in competition with each other. Where we do not take care of each other, as equals on this planet. Being 1 world, instead of divided conflicting competitive countries. Then these kind of things could be build in “safe” zones, because people would not have to worry about “not producing enough for themselves, or falling out of the boat. What will be produced in the safe zone will also be for the other countries. And there are already a lot of safer energy ways being developed. People then comment to that saying: “those “green energy” ways don’t give us sufficient power”.
But let’s look at that. Why do we need so much power/energy? Because of the massive production our capitalist system requires. So many products we don”t need, purely to make profit! People are manipulated into desiring them, thinking they need them. Just think about all the different brands of make up, or other cosmetics, or shampoo’s, candy, junk food, shoes, little useless gadgets, etc… sooooooooo much crap.  Much crap we don’t need . And what does that crap require?
That’s right.
à Jobs
And what else?
à people who desire those products
what more?
à a system that tells people they need those products so that the people know they desire it. (kinda sick).
à workers who will make those products
something else?
à workers doing shit low paid jobs, manufacturing the crap, because they need to survive.
And alllllllll that massive production to keep the profit machine going, needs a lot of energy, to fuel all the factories and production. If that system would be stopped, imagine how much less energy we would require!
The only worry then is, if humanity will be able to lay aside their selfish desires, their ego, greed and desire to want more at the cost of life itself.
Because the fact is that we can do this, the only problem is: will people step up and do it? Or will we keep abusing because of our self interest? Are we willing to let go of the crap, for a better world for all?
It is either giving up some of the crap you don’t really need, in exchange of a great life of dignity and enjoyment. Or keeping the crap, letting abuse continue and having to bust your ass off until you are 65 years off (if it is not more by then). There is much to be considered people, much. This blog post is pretty short although it may seem long to some. That is why we require to connect the dots for ourselves, investigate, research, see what is possible, see who you are, and who you are willing to be.

Water for the world

Currently there are a lot of people in this World with no access to sufficient water or safe water.This blog post is to investigate how safe and sufficient water can be distributed to all in an Equal money system.
No need to re-invent the wheel. There are already solutions to this problem – the system is just not support it because of money and lack of real care.
In an equal money system this will not be the case, because an equal money system means = to do what is the best for all, the best of what is possible at this moment. No profit, no money will decide what is done. What is able to be done will be decided by what is REALLY the limit of what we can do, the BEST we can do at that time.
There are enough people willing to help the world, there are enough people willing to lend their hands, contribute. A lot of people these days simply don’t know how to and end up not doing anything. All of this can change, by creating a network within the equal money system that will be transparent for all, with all the directions how one can help. When profit is no longer the driving force, it opens up to who we really are.

Because we have just been made to accept the way the current system works. To think that we are greedy and will always be, that people only do things for profit. No, this is a creation! Many people want to help out, stop abuse when they see it. This system just does not support the necessary tools for people to realize this, it brainwashes people to obey to the profit machine and accept it as the only truth, as inevitable, as something that just cannot go away.
Take a moment to watch some documentaries about tribes, or go visit them, see how they work together, without money, for the best intrest of the group.

In an equal money system, all the worlds people are responsible of each other. We will have to make agreements to take care of each other, profit wont be the motor anymore. So people will then learn that it is a much better way of living, then within a capitalist system. Because we will have more freedom, to express ourselves, do what we enjoy, develop new skills without having to think about survival all the time. We need less production, because capitalism requires massive production of unescessary items to keep profit coming in.
For further perspective on how we accept this current system as “valid”, read this blog:
The Stockholm syndrome and Capitalism

Really… read it! Lol it is worth it to give you another perspective.
Alright so in the sake of not re-inventing the wheel, here is a page from an organization that has solutions for the water problem in the world – which could be fully be implemented within the equal money system.


A child collects water from a contaminated source in Nsooba, Uganda.
Credit: WaterAid / Caroline Irby

One in eight people in the world do not have access to safe water.
Many women and children in rural areas in developing countries spend hours each day walking kilometres to collect water from unprotected sources such as open wells, muddy dugouts or streams. 
In urban areas they collect it from polluted waterways or pay high prices to buy it from vendors who obtain it from dubious sources. The water is often dirty and unsafe, but they have no alternative.
Carrying the heavy water containers back home is an exhausting task, which takes up valuable time and energy. It often prevents women from doing vital domestic or income generating work and stops children from going to school.
Diarrhoeal diseases caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation, such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery, are common across the developing world - killing 4,000 children every single day.
People suffering from these diseases or caring for children who are ill from them are often unable to work to earn money, yet face large medical bills.
There is an urgent need for action, but all too often water and sanitation are overlooked in global development agenda, despite being consistently cited as top priorities by communities themselves.
Total global investments in water and sanitation would need to double for the Millennium Development Goal targets of halving the proportions of people living without water and sanitation by 2015 to be met.
WaterAid addresses global water and sanitation problems by:
o    Undertaking projects to enable communities to set up and manage water and sanitation systems in 26 countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific region
o    Campaigning for others, such as governments, to adopt a more integrated approach to development that recognises how water and sanitation are vital in poverty reduction
Our projects

Our water projects help communities to gain access to uncontaminated water sources.
In rural areas the most common technologies we use are hand-dug wells, tubewells or boreholes that reach groundwater resources. Where possible we rehabilitate existing wells that have fallen into disrepair, as it is more cost effective than the construction of new wells.
The wells are hygienically sealed and fitted with appropriate pumps that the communities are trained to maintain and service themselves, with help from engineers available for serious problems.
Where groundwater is inaccessible or in short supply, rainwater harvesting can be a viable alternative or supplementary source. Rainwater is generally collected from roofs, from where it is filtered and stored in tanks. In mountainous areas, springs can be protected and gravity flow systems are used to pipe water downhill to a network of storage tanks and tapstands.
In urban areas where there are existing piped water supplies, WaterAid and our partner organisations often help communities to negotiate with the local government or water suppliers to extend the network into their areas and construct communal tapstands that can be managed by the communities themselves.
Our projects' impact

Once communities have access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education, they can escape the water and sanitation poverty trap. Freed up from hours of water collection and the misery of water-related disease, communities are better able to channel their time and energy into more productive activities and simple enjoyment of life.
o    Women have more time to work to earn money, grow food and cook and care for their children, which boosts households' income, nutrition and health.
o    Children have more time to help with domestic tasks or dedicate to their schooling, which improves their long-term prospects
o    The stress on household finances is reduced by the reduced need for medical care for water-related diseases.
o    Families also report lower stress levels, increased status and self-esteem and increased ability to observe religious rites and customs.
Influencing others

Due to the scale of the problem WaterAid recognises that it cannot meet the global water and sanitation needs simply through implementing water and sanitation projects itself.
WaterAid also uses its experience, research and good practice to influence other organisations on adopting policies and practices that will enable the poor to gain sustainable access to safe water and sanitation.
A highly professional and integrated approach has given WaterAid an authoritative voice in the water sector. We use this voice to support campaigns, build networks and develop alliances with other international bodies dedicated to the interests of poor people.
Through this work WaterAid is enabling citizens to hold their governments to account and make their demands for affordable and equitable water and sanitation services better heard and prioritised.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Racism is for dummies

Racism is for dummies

That's right, you heard it correctly. When you are intelligent you will not be a racist. And by intelligent I mean = when you use your brain and are able to look beyond the small box your in.

Racism is when you stereotype an entire population based on a few cases. When you have a population of 12 million people, and 1 million come in the news committing crimes, the people tend to generalize what the 1 million did on the rest (the 11 million). They will look at the negative and generalize this over the rest who has done nothing wrong. And let's face it, what do we see about other cultures? What the media shows us about them, or our direct experiences. What the media presents is the conflict, war, entertainment. That is what media is about. There if a lot of biased, wrong, and stereotyped information spread through the media. It is a profit driven machine that has to print a new paper every single day. How much can you really study something in just a few hours? It needs to go really fast, there are daily deadlines, and thus the news quality goes down.

The way certain "facts" are presented also shapes the way we view a problem.
They may write:
In 2004: deaths by violence raised to 178 !

But they may not include the deaths in 2004 by traffic which are 1198 deaths, often due to alcohol/drunk driving. Which makes alcohol (which the own culture does) a far greater contributor to death, conflict and also sexual abuse.
But people don't look at that because of the way the media presents messages.
Start to think for yourself! Do you own research. Look at who you are and what you support in this world. You will see your are supporting the conflict and separation as well.

Also, "bad apples" stand out more then the good ones. The good ones you will not hear because they are calm and do nothing wrong. The population sees the ones that do something wrong, because they stand out, they create conflict and noise. And then it appears as if all people like that, are the same. It is often even generalized by a skin color, not knowing that people will a brown skin color come from all kinds of places, from all over the world.
Racists also do not realize how people are programmed, and how culture shapes individuals, and how conflict is stimulated by racism itself. It creates and "us vs them" attitude, and then the people from another culture get the impression they are seen that way anyway, and especially young people will act upon that, rebel, start to create conflicts. A racist will see someone with another skin color or a scarf around their head, and immediately react to that with emotions or stereotypical expectations and thoughts. This will alter the behavior of the racist, and the person will also pick that up and respond to it. What it creates is more and more separation between people. The racist does not see this about himself, does not realize that he would as well be like those people if he was born in their country, their family, their culture. They see their own culture as superior. But lets face it, all our cultures are fucked up, in one way or another. Our entire monetary system is backed up by abuse and egoistical snobs.

"Culture is not your friend, it's an impediment to understanding what's going on. That's why the words cult and culture have a direct relationship to each other. Culture is an extremely repressive cult that leads to all kinds of humiliation and degradation, and automatic, unquestioned and unthinking behavior."
— Terence McKenna

You only feel something for your culture because of your memories. That's it. Investigate your culture, don't just blindly accept it. We have for ages treated woman as inferior, they had to serve the man, wear skirts, do the household, be under-payed etc.... Same as what happens in some Islamic cultures for example.

Racists do not plan to work on a solution to stop cultural indoctrination. They raise themselves up above others, and in their secret mind think about how cool and great they are, and how others must see this as well. It is a gigantic ego boost.

All they do is blame, and hate, and scream. That is what it is all about, about THEM, and their superiority. That is why they don't look at how those people became that way, how THEY themselves became who they are, and how we can stop the abuse on this planet. They see those people as "different", and do not care because THEY dont feel anything for them. If you only care when you feel something, your an egoist, because YOU feel something, and only then things matter. If you dont feel something, then you dont give a shit. It is how your programmed. Do you see that? Or do you accept it blindly as who you are , as a slave?

Why I decided to write about this today, is because of an article that I saw in the Belgium newspaper about racism rising in Europe:

What would be beneficial for all cultures, is open dialogue. I once went to such a thing, with Islamic woman and christian woman. They got along well and saw that actually their is no difference between them unless a few religious rules. But inside they felt the same, they wanted the same. The Islamic woman also made clear that the quran does not want people to be terrorist or fight or kill, but that some people interpret it like that, same was as some Christians say that gay people or people who do abortion have to be stoned to death or go to hell. A lot of the conflict in Islamic cultures is because of money, poverty. Look at Europe, how many people turned to extremist ways in times of economic crisis, look at Hitlers time.

If we want to stop all this conflict in the world, we will have to address the root of it = our system, specifically our money system because that is what it is all about. We have the wealthy minority, and the gigantic poor majority. The exploited and the exploiters, and the middle class who are comfortable and don't give a fuck. Of cause that creates conflict! it creates the refugees that racists hate so much, it creates the news for the papers that create stereotypes. Who created it? All of us, this system that we support! Place yourself in the shoes of another, from their birth until their adulthood, and see how you get shaped, same way as they get shaped. How their choices could have been our choices. It are not really choices, but more like "acts on circumstances", that push someone in a certain direction.

Also back in the days, we brought people from other countries here to "do the dirty work", you know, the low payed fucked up jobs none of us want to do. They do because they had no other ways of surviving, looking for better opportunities then given in their own country. And then the jobs got better or non existent. But guess what, those people we brought here to do the dirty work are still here, and they made children. So it is also something that we ourselves have supported, for the sake of money.

Capitalism has a duality within itself.
On one hand it is colorblind, because money from a dark skinned person is as good as that of a white one.

But on the other hand, capitalism creates racism. Because they want to prevent workers and people to stand as 1 group, in unity. They don't want that so workers from all kinds have to be divided, capitalism works on active discrimination and racism. The principle of "divide and conquer" rules it. you got white and black people, if they don't get along then this causes separation and that is better for capitalists because if they would get along, then they would work together and stand as 1 strong group. Which is obviously not good for the capitalists. That way they could demand better paying work and working situations, and stand up for each other.

So racists, you have been successfully fooled by the capitalist system ;) That is why you are a dummy.

It is a paradox, which is ideal for Capitalists. In a split labour market, ethnic conflicts arise and it creates a labor market with groups that do the same work for a different price. No equality, exploitation. (for example polish people working cheap in the construction industry). Those people are often uneducated, don't have enough information to know about their rights and stuff, are happy with the low pay they get because of it, and are badly organized

Employers want obedient workers, as cheap as possible, they want those that will brake strikes, so workers cant stand up for their rights. And if that doesn't work they will even get cheap workers in other countries, or move their factories to another country. Which then shapes peoples mind to become anti union, anti strike because "companies will just move to other countries". You see how capitalism controls the way you think as well?
So they will stigmatize refugees ,different people, drive up competition and separation, stigmatize the unemployed as those that "take advantage" etc...

GroupismAs if they were internally homogeneous, externally bounded groups, unitary collective actors with common purposes

Treat groups as real, substantial things-in-the-world, as quasi natural intrinsic things

creating diverse groups, and so called "nations", are in the interest of the capitalists. It will make people believe the superiority of their group, and raise it on a standard above others. It will attach people to a certain group, with emotions, pride, which they will then act upon to defend it.

Ethnopolitical entrepreneursSeek to call groups into being
Produce what they try to describe
 Group making as a political project
 From categories into groups

Ethnopolitical entrepreneurs will look for confrontations, they will provoke it. They will deliberately show violence, by small groups, to get a discussion going. It causes group crystallization and polarization.
-->Ethnic framing
to mask the pursuit of clan, clique, or class interests

The own people are often described in very positive terms that will support the capitalist goal. Like "hard working", "modern" etc... so that the people will think "this is who I have to be to be a good person". Which also gives them an ego boost, because then they know others will see them as "good", considering the cultural standard. Hard working especially makes profit for capitalism, and "modern" may make them over consume and desire the newest car , clothing, gadgets etc.... as status symbols to show everyone "hey look how good I am, look at what I got". But lets face it, you only do that when you are very insecure, else you don't need others to look at you a certain way.

On the other hand, the foreigners, or "others" are presented as inferior, and all the inferior aspects of them are pointed out.

And Equal Money System is the solution to all of this. The basis is that all people are equal in worth, I don't mean that they are the same looking or like the same things. They are Equal as living beings, part of life, breathing and in need of the same basic requirements such as food, water, housing, health care. It is of the best interest that all people worldwide get good education, without profit being the driving force, so that people are shown how reality works, who they are, why things happen and what they are able to do. We don't need profit as a driving force, we have been led to believe that but that is not true. Tribes for example work excellent without profit drive. I am not saying we have to go back to tribe hood, but that the same attitude, can be ours since our attitude of profit right now, is simply programmed, to support capitalism.

Then no racism will be supported for profit, or entertainment. People will not be in economical struggle which would make them go into extremism. In an equal money system everyone gets the basic requirements to live, unconditionally. But that is just the basics! the rest you have to work for if you want to. No one will be able to exploit others for their profit because people will no longer require to do very dangerous and strenuous jobs to survive, since their survival will already be taken care off.

Please visit the forum to investigate for yourself and help in working on this solution:

Because you will have to connect the dots for yourself, to see how this world really works, and how we have all been successfully fooled.
Even when you think "it is not possible", even those thoughts, are specifically designed to not make you stand up

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dying in abundance - part 5

The village learns that this man made no income. Not even the usurer lends money to him, the banks neither. So he falls into depression. And some day he does something! The seeds got us in this tragic situation. But even if the farmers manage to keep seeds for the next year, they run the risk of being sued by the company. The seeds are patented, Monsanto holds their copyright.  It sounds strange, but Monsanto owns a patent for a living thing. That grants the company exclusive rights of exploiting over the product for 20 years. If a farmer save seeds to plant them in the next year, he is persecuted as a criminal. The fine is 25000 rupees (380 euro). Can these farmers pay it?  We used to keep and plant our own seeds every year for free. And now the farmers must run to them for seeds? Tell me, is this humanly right?
(excuse maker a.k.a. Monsanto spokesperson)
“Farmers have a contract with us stating that they will use the seed for producing 1 season, and then for some reason choosing to use the seed for the following season. That violates the contract that we had with these farmers , it is a very small number ,and in most cases we look to sort out these differences out of court.”
(Pat Mooney, ETC group (against patents)“So if you apply a (inaudible) rule and say that you cant save your seed for another growing season, then first of all your massively increasing the cost for production for farmers, massively !”

“we borrow money from everybody to purchase these seeds. All our saving were gone.
Is this why your husband committed suicide?
Yes , for these debts… We couldn’t save money anymore. He was in depression. The debt was huge. Now I don’t know what to do. It was my husband who was bringing the money. Nobody lends money to a woman.”
(Monsanto spokesperson)
“ Cotton seed earlier did not have the protection against worms, farmers had to spray pesticides. Agriculture scientists all over the world were able to find more sustainable way to protect the plant against that worm. That was a technology called BT cotton, which is (inaudible).  It is a product of the science industry .
(Pat Mooney, ETC group (against patents)“(inaudible 3:31) that controls that food  supply , the seed supply. And those companies now are going beyond the patenting of a single plant variety to saying “we can patent all plants, all crops, with a single patent. We are claiming trades within those varieties and in those crops , that are common to all of them, so we control everything now, we control the food system” ”.
“Was it them who created the seeds? No. So far nature has made them. Did they make anything alive? No, they couldn’t. “
(Pat Mooney, ETC group (against patents)“Where as 1970’s there is no  prietory(inaudible) seeds planted what so ever, none. Today 82 % of the seeds sold are praetory (inaudible 4:23) , they are part of a patent. That’s the enormous change. “

(Vandana Shiva – Pro-farmers activist
“genetically engineered crops do not produce more food , but they tell the lie to bribe the markets. More trade does not feed people , it leaves more people hungrier because the globalized trade then becomes a trade controlled by 5 agribusiness cooperations , who can fit the prices as they want – and they want to speculate upwards, they speculate upwards. When they want to fix the prices downwards to capture markets, they take the prices downwards. And as their profits increase , people starve.”
(Pat Mooney, ETC group (against patents)
“So they got what they need out of this, they got the control. And frankly now, because they have that control they don’t need biotech anymore. They have got the market place , they control the first link in the food chain. So they have won.”
“control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people!”
-Henry Kissinger, 1974
(showing images of mentally ill people 5:48)
(Speculator – saying very retarded things )
“Water, possibly… it’s not traded now but it could be in the future perhaps, sure. I don’t know much about it , because there is no market to buy and sell  water .Maybe there will be in the future.”
“If I have a market where people who need water and a market of people who have water can get together and through their own best interest discover – that’s an important word- discover the price of that commodity.
(again some images of the mentally ill)
(same guy saying even more retarded things)
“How dare a government, how can a government, how can a group of supposed intellectuals say: “this is the price of water, everywhere around the world” Will there be circumstances where some people will not have water (showing images of a starving child sipping on a water), yes, that will happen , that is the harsh reality of how markets function . Do you sometimes run out of soap? Yes, who’s fault is that? Probably yours, because you didn’t go to the store to buy any. Should you blame the government? No, it’s you fault”.