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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Zeitgeist and self change

I have been a member on the zeitgeist forum (venus project) for a while now, and what I keep seeing is arguing on the forums. Right now there was a member who often seems to be "lashing out" to others and later on said "it is human nature", "we all make mistakes". As if that justifies a behavior?
And I realise, as long as zeitgeist movement only focusses on the outer change, the design of the new systems etc... it is not going to be enough to bring forth a ral lasting change. We require a strong group if we want to change the working of the world. A group that stands with the same principle and is able to direct themselves instead of being directed by our programming.
Because if we would all just allow ourselves to be directed by the way we are all programmed within our upbringings and cultures, then we could argue forever. Because people would follow the ways taught to them without really looking at what is best and most practicle to do. And I know , it is not an easy task because of the extend of different prorgamming in this world. Thats why we have to have 1 common point to stand by. And within the Equal money system that is = to do what is best for all. Thus OBJECTIVLY. What is best, not based on a subjective thing such as people saying "jezus christ is whats best for all". Thats simply a believe. What is best for all is for example that all have basic living, food, health care, access to education etc...
And it will have to go step by step, using money to make it happen. Because you cant just BOOM place a new system right here, it takes much time and preparation. People have accepted gradual change always, thats how capitalism survives aswell. Very sneakily and slowly, things are put in place and no one really notices it because it goes slowly and people follow the flow. When you do things fast like a bomb, then things turn into chaos and people often tend to move towards fascism and toletarian regimes.
Where does it have to start? With giving people the opportunity to take a look at their lives and who they are and how the world works. An equal income will give that time. And from there on we can move on, by implementing gradual change in the ways things work (through the political route). Such as education that is more centered on what is really going on in the world, self expression and practicality to live, as well as the knowledge necessary to develop things the best way possible. Health care becomes a system of true care, not dependent on profit.
Money can be use deffectivly to move things around when it is not based on profit and abuse. If we cannot be trusted with money then we cannot be trusted without money it is as simple as that. If people can be tempted to do bad shit with money, then they can be tempted by other means aswell. We once did not have any money and at one point we did. So we already got tempted to create abuse and inequality, even before money was around. We made it, invented it.

And if we cannot change ourselves and agree on a 1 point = what is best for all. Then abuse will not stop because abusers will be allowed to go their ways. Because people do not stand up together, for whatever reasons they may have (fear, desire, depression, doubt...).
When one wants to do something it is all good as long as it is not abusing another, such as what happens now for example with the whole sweatshop workers, or animal testing for make up. I often use those examples because that is just fucked up beyond understanding.

So the Zeitgeist forum, does not take in consideration how humanity is programmed. Not enough anyway. It talks about first setting up new systems and creating new cities. But you know also, you need a large piece of land, and a lot of money. Money. Because in the current world, no change can happen without it.

When people worldwide, who want a true change in the world, stand up and get jobs of influence, emerge themselves in the system, then we can form a network to truly change things. So far those that desire power have been in control, filled with self-intrest. What if those that dont desire power, and want a change for the best of all, get to such positions? And what if this happens worldwide? Using the system but not being off the system. In that way those in power right now cant do anything about it, since you will then have a full network of people in higher positions all across the world. Who will have influence on the way things work and the votes of the people will do the rest. Because the majority of the worlds people, are living in poverty.

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