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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cancer for business - Now with a 20% discount!

Under the capitalist sun, there is nothing sacred.
Money talks.

- Li Chuan Chen, PhD
from "
cancer is serious business"
Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business

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Wouldn't you be outraged if you found out, that many of the children, woman and man might have died from cancer unescessary? It sure as hell would freak me out. But I am passed the stage of suprisal - not in this money driven world.

The documentary called "Cancer is serious Business" gives you a look into the "cancer industry" while exposing the attacks by the mainstream of the industry on a man that exposes their way of working. This man is Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, the founder of the Burzynski Clinic.

In the course of his medical research, Dr.Burzynski discovered a cure for cancer that involved the use of "antineoplastons", which he found were present in the blood of healthy people, but were lacking in those suffering from cancer. He als found that by obtaining these compounds from healthy people and transfusing them into the system of the ones with cancer, you could stop and even reverse the spread of cancerous tumors.

I would be like: wow! and applaud this man for his findings. No one want to have, suffer or die from cancer. When your family or friends have it, or even strangers, you want them to get better. So for many of us it is quite unbelievable that they would stop this, and cover this up, to earn money. It really makes you question the psychopaths who run industries worldwide. Is it really only such kind of people that manage to be successfull in this world? Because you have to have a heart of stone to compete, want to be the best, make profit and exploiting and abusing others while doing that. I am sure many of us are not capable of doing this. But they are programmed to become that way, unfortunatly for them and for the entire world.

Currently, your only able to get the treatment from Dr.Burzynski through qualifying for a clinical trial - which in most cases means that one has to have already undergone treatment through 'traditional means' which include radiation and chemotherapy. So the people that want to undergo his treatment, already have had there systems damaged through radiation and chemical poisoning. And still the treatment of Dr. Burzynski has shown to save people's lives in cases where traditional methods had very little or no success. Here are some stories from patients: 

The following post I am taking from my friend Cameron Cope, who has composed an awesome article about this at his blog :

"The purpose of the documentary 'Cancer is Serious Business' is to show the contrast between how Dr. Burzynski's treatments have been met by the Food and Drug Administration (which is responsible for certifying that new drugs and treatments are allowed to be distributed throughout the United States) versus the FDA's handling of treatments and drugs offered from large pharmaceutical companies.

In Dr. Burzynski's case, the FDA has still not approved antineoplastons for treatment of cancers, even though he has been researching and testing his methods since the 1970's. And this is not due to lack of evidence of his treatment's efficacy. He has produced many times patient records showing the effectiveness of his treatments but with the FDA and other organizations (such as the National Cancer Institute or NCI) rejecting his records. There is ample evidence for anyone interested to see that there has been an unfair treatment and scrutiny placed on Dr. Burzynski's research; one simply has to investigate.

But what we would like to address in this post is the 'why' behind all of this. Obviously Dr. Burzynkski's treatments are a threat to the status quo of the Cancer industry - an industry worth billions and billions of dollars. For example, in order to run a clinical trial to gain approval from the FDA to begin distributing a new drug requires literally tens of millions of dollars. So right from the start any person or group that may very well have a valid solution to a disease or ailment is prevented from receiving approval just on the basis of money. Now it is possible to get grants to perform these expensive trials, however individuals not associated to the established medical and pharma companies, as was the case for Dr. Burzynski, often find it difficult to receive these grants.

Isn't it obvious that - in our current system - money is king? The quote in the beginning of this post is from Li Chuan Chen, who was a researcher at NCI in the 90's. Truly there is nothing sacred.

Now, obviously drugs should be tested. We should not expect that Dr. Burzynski's treatment should just be pushed through without proper validation that the treatment works and doesn't cause unnecessary harm - but there are so many examples where the FDA does the opposite when it is in favor of a large corporation. Take the Vioxx story for example. According to the FDA's own estimates Vioxx, a treatement killed over 27,000 people as reported by Consumer Affairs. The painkiller generated over 2.5 billion dollars for Merck, which spend considerable resources to keep the risks out of the media, risks that Merck executives knew about from the very beginning.

How can we trust a system that gives unfair advantage to those with money. It's fascinating that many will vilify people like Dr. Burzynski as quacks and trying to make a buck off of others suffering and yet defend large corporations and their executives who continually put profits before Life. And let us be clear, this is a problem with our entire system. There is no industry unaffected by the cancer that is the profit motive. Our children read textbooks which are ineffective at teaching math when there are methods proven to work (see the Singapore Method). We consume food modified with chemicals designed to increase our appetites and form addictions. We buy cell phones and video game systems assembled by literal modern day slaves in other countries simply because it reduces costs and therefore increases profits for the companies involved. The list goes on, however it is clear if one simply takes the time to look that our current system is one that is founded upon abuse.

Now, before anyone criticizes us for being one-sided and simply supporting Dr. Buzynski for being the 'under-dog', let us say this. We trust no one. I mean, how can we. In a system based on profit, where we know almost everyone is only acting out of survival and their own self-interest, how can we trust anything we read, hear, or see. How does one know when anyone is acting in our best interest when we know that, at the end of the day, if one does not have money, one does not eat. And no one really cares about making sure you or anyone else eats (see Game Theory.

Perhaps that is the real problem. No one really cares about anyone else. If they did, then decisions about which treatments for cancer will receive funding for research to decided once and for all which ones actually work, what their real success rates are, and what the actual facts are. Decisions about who lives and who dies would not be based on numbers on a balance sheet but rather on what decisions actually work in the best interest of everyone.

Obviously there is no point in judging or condemning anyone. One can not blame the execs of the big pharma companies for they are doing what we would all like to do in their position. The question is why we allow the system to be set up to function as it does. This is the fundamental point we must challenge (for further perspective on how choice is tied to money see: Freedom of Choice and Equal Money.) And if we are unwilling to consider a new system then no amount of outrage - no amount of activism, occupying, arguing or suing will make any difference. The time for us to stop putting individual profit above life is now. The time to start valuing all Life Equally and making decisions that support this value system is now. It is time that we consider an Equal Money System and the common sense that the only way we can live on this planet together without harming ourselves and each other - the only way to experience real peace, real freedom, real happiness, real brotherhood - is to love our neighbor as ourselves and to participate in a system in a real, physical way that ensures that our love is not in word only but that our every deed is Best for All and that no one goes without to give more to another (for further perspective on how to use money in a practical way that will bring about a real change see: Making Peace with Money.)