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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Car insurance more expensive due to damaged roads

The Dutch newspaper HLN wrote that car insurances are going up because of the bad quality roads.

The reason why the insurance goes up due to the bad quality state of the roads, is because more damages happen to the cars because of for example holes in the roads. Here in our town we have a lot of roads with holes in them, most of them occured during the cold winter time.
"In addition to harming the environment, road salt can also do a great deal of structural damage to highways and roadways all over the country. The sodium chloride variety of road salt has the capability to put large potholes in the road, and it can break down concrete and asphalt over time, ruining road surfaces, bridges and parking lots and even damaging vehicles.
Road salt can also kill plant life and harm or kill wildlife who ingest the salt or have the salt get into their food supply or drinking water by contaminating ground water or soil.
There have also been studies showing that road salt may contain carcinogens and can be responsible for causing cancer in people who are frequently in contact with it. "
I am not going to adress the cancer speculation here, since I have no knowledge of that. But a direct observation is that indeed, during the wintertimes the roads get damaged a lot. No matter what the cause of it is, the state should make sure roads are safe for the common good of all.
But due to our money system, the money is taken from the population, from taxes + the insurances go up for the population aswell because of the damage increase to their cars. It's like a double payment.
Can we blame our government? In fact they are not doing much different then we are doing. How many times do we do things for our own self intrest which we know is damaging to others (for example gossiping, buying animal tested make up etc...), how many times do we act ignorant towards what is happening in the world? Throw waste on the ground?How many times do we punish others for what we feel inside ourselves, our desires, our fears etc...

And since the government is made out of people... there isn't really a suprise.

Here is a reply from someone living in "Vilvoorde", a town in Belgium
"We give all our money to road taxes, + the regular taxes. The government should thus make sure that we have good roads to drive on. But they dont! consequence: those paying for good quality roads pay the ones responsible for the roads, but they dont do their job, and then the tax payers have to bare the consequences of the bad working of the government, and pay extra to the insurance companies. Wouldnt it be MUCH more honest when the insurance companies would get their money from the government".

All such things we want to adress and change within the equal money system. So that we look at quality on all levels. Money and profit will no longer be the driving force of this existence, and people should be taught how to take responsibility and SEE their own responsibility in this world. As I have explained in other posts, we get raised to not see why we are the way we are, and follow along with the dominant system. We often dont realise what we are doing because we never really stood still with what we do and why. We are often very hypocrite in our words and behavior. Like blaming a government without realising we are doing the same things on other levels. Same starting point, just different outflows.
So if you blame the government for such things, you should be consequent and look at yourself and what you are doing, what abuse you are supporting, which things you do for your self intrest that cause harm to another (wether directly or indirectly, wether close or on the other side of the world).

If we want change, we will have to work for it. Inside ourselves and eventually outside of ourselves, and stand up for another world. If we dont want to, then the complaining is merely serving our own self intrest. Complaining is like gossiping, it can be fun and you can place this outside blame and feel better or innocent. But in fact it is totally the opposit. If you dont want a change, then stop complaining. everything you get you allow, since you let it exist and follow along. And then complaining is useless, and will get us nowhere, because it never did.
Only if we turn our eyes inwards and see who we are, why, and change ourselves and stop the blame, then we can take responsibility for the system we created in this world.


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