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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Resources based economy, what if?

I was reflecting on the whole resource based economy thing, and it can work, but not as long as we are the way we are. Because look at the elite in the world, the rich and priviliged countries. We have virtually all the resources we want, we have much more then we require to live and can eat ourselves superfat. We can buy closets of clothes and buckets of perfume. But we are responsible people who care for the planet thus we dont do that. FAIL! yes we do. The people have proven, that when they are given unlimited resources, they exploit it. Glutonny, greed and vanity takes over. No consideration for other life forms, no consideration of what workers have to undergo to produce such items (sweatshop work), no consideration from where the product comes from, no consideration for what it does to our human body, no consideration for what it actually supports in this world. An equal money system would make sure that abuse is not allowed, that resources are not unlimited, that other life forms are taken into consideration and that one cannot do something on the back of another, or which causes abuse. It is unacceptable.
We have proven, ladies and gentlemen, that  we cannot be trusted with unlimited resources.
NOT until we change ourselves.
And as long as that does not happen, we need restrictions to be able to at least be decent folks and live with each other and start to consider more then just ourselves.
Would I trust humanity , right now, with unlimited resources?
Hell no.

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