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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Food price increase probably permanent - junk food nation

Today in the public transport newspaper "de metro" was an article about the rising food prices, and that it will probably be permanent.
The article sais: the rise in food prices probably will not be able to be reversed, said Lorenzo Bini Smaghi from the European Central Bank yesterday. The ECB said in january that they expected the food prices to go up this year. It is unsure if the food production can grow fast enough to meet up with the increasing demand.

I ask myself: where is the food demand increasing? Which countries specificly?
As you can see here: the countries growing most in population are poorer less developed areas. In this article: I have already explained why the poor areas have a higher increase in population, and why more developed countries not as much, or even have a decrease.
A question I have is, a lot of those countries deal with starvation so where do they give the food to?
Or maybe it is there but people cannot afford it. Huge amounts of food are wasted, every year, which can feed the world 3 times over!
Are we morrons? Yes
Moren then 30% of our food is wasted:,,1460183,00.html

And then we say that there isnt enough food? Our supermarkets are stacked with so much food that so much has to be throw out. We have junk food and candy and shit that is harmfull to our bodies just to satisfy the never ending desires. What if we stopped producing that shit, stop overproducing for the profit and the elite, and actually start caring about those that cannot even feed themselves at all?!
There is more then enough food to feed the entire world and there is more then enough technology available. What is wrong then? The distribution by our Capitalist system that cares more about profit then about life. Then you get situations and articles like that, because people loose track of what is really going on. And then spread lies. The Equal Money System will not allow this kind of ignorance and abuse.
The first priority is the wellbeing of ALL, and thus making sure that all have enough food to live and systain their bodies. And only after that is taken care off, can we think about more for those who already have enough.
But now in this system it is the other way around. First they think about money and profit and giving more to those who already have enough, and the poor? They have to bare the consequences.

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