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Monday, November 21, 2011

The future: getting your teeth drilled or pulled without sedation

This may be your worst nightmare, but it  soon may be the reality of orphans, the elderly, sick adults and people with psychic problems in Bulgaria.
The Bulgarian association of dentists has proposed to only offer dentistry treatment without sedation to poor people.

The Bulgarian newspaper 24 Chasa called it inhumane - which it is. They call these measures scary, shameless and cynical. The dentists forget that also the weaker have the right for a humane treatment. This is modern inquisition.

Yet these are things that happen to people already in the very poor parts of our world. We all know people are treated like objects, placed as projectiles in wars, as slave laborers, allowed to starve to their death. This is nothing new, why are we so numb to it? Can't we fucking shake ourselves awake!

Our monetary system creates situations of friction and seperation, it gets money through creating and allowing and requiring competition. Competition feeds jealousy and anger and injustice. And we are led to believe that "thats just the only way we can be". This is a pure lie, and many of us are the proof. Because you know yourself, you know your more than a selfish person, you know that your more than someone who wants their ego boosted in spite of another. Many of us want another system, where all are treated better and with dignity.
We have to end this system before it drags more people down with it. Before measures such as these may become the norm for more and more. Because the poor do get poorer, and the rich are still as rich as always.

There is a middle ground, where all can live a great life with abundance, but not the abundance that currently is here and destroys the planet and what is on it, that disregards other life forms. The superrich have to tone it down, so the poor can be lifted from their survival mode.

We have the solution with the

Saturday, November 19, 2011

What about children born due to rape? Who will raise them in an Equal money system?

First it has to be looked at whether the parent of the child can take care and wants to take care of that child. If the parent cannot or does not want to give the proper care , then the child has to be placed with parents who do. In an Equal money system, we focus on responsibility – not only towards ourselves but also for our global society.  Another’s child is equal in worth as your own child, all children deserve a starting point where they are cared for and given the same possibilities as other children. No child should grow up in a situation of being unwanted and discarded – we all know the consequences of that on the behavior and personality the child will develop in its further life.

There will be less “unwanted” children in an equal money system, because people are brought up to care, and with respect for life. The shallow consumerism system that programs people to be egoistic will not be there. In our current world system, many rape happens in situations of war and poverty. It rarely happens in a society where there are more wealthy people. Thus, when war and poverty is eliminated, the rape will decrease dramatically.
Imagine all people being raised as you were (if you have had a good upbringing), and see the global impact this would have.

Of course we realize this will take time, it will not all be fixed in one moment. Our global system and all structures are vast, and thus it will be changed step by step.
So there will be facilities, as we have now, to take in “unwanted” children. Of course with the starting point of equality. Children will be first be taken care of there,unless they already have parents that want to take care of them (for example another relative).

Then, the children can be placed with parents, who will give them a home. These parents will also be checked regularly to make sure they give the proper care.All parents will require to go through parental training anyway. This will help our entire society, so that no child gets programmed in the wrong way, and shaped because of that. There is a lot of harm done through bad parenting currently and this has to be addressed.

How will the under-educated people who’s been living in poverty and starvation transition to live in an equal money system? How will they be assisted?

Those who already have the necessary skills to provide for the basics of living, shall utilize them to provide for the common good, while the under-educated are given the opportunity to develop these skills as well.

They will be lifted from starvation and deprivation, and be placed in a world system where suddenly they have food every day, drinkable water, warm clothing and time to express and develop themselves. The Equal money system opens up education for all, worldwide. Thus they will be trained the necessary skills they require or want to do.

Not everyone will be required to do the same, people like to do different things. What will be necessary is a system that first maps out what is required for all to live a fully functional life, what are the basics for all. Those things have to be filled in first of all, to make sure the system is stable.Then the “spare” can be filled in, by what people choose to do. No one will be privileged to be “more” than another. The basic requirements will be provided for, by a conscription period of a limited amount of time, where each citizen of the world plays his/her role for that time being. After that time they can do what they choose to do as long as it does not harm the common good. When I say “time”, I am not talking about working forced until you are 65 like many in our current system.I am talking about 4-5 years of your life.
The requirements will already be drastically reduced because there will be no more profit system, which require the creation of useless crap items that require massive production and consumption and energy.

The poor will be supported on all levels where it is able. It will be a gradual process by first allowing them to at least LIVE. Currently , they cannot. They have to be helped physically first, because many of them require urgent medical attention and proper nutrition. Only when that is taken care off, they can develop more skills, and be trained by those who  have the required skills. As soon as that inplace, people can teach skills to each other while practicing together.

So there is:
Educational services / schooling
Training by experience / by other citizens
Training through books and media sources
training at the job site through practice

Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 - Imminent extinction

Today is a day where about 25 % of mammals on planet Earth face imminent extinction due to habitat loss, as humans want to own more and more land to fulfill their dreams of wealth and build the palaces of capitalism.

We fear about extinction, but at the same time cause other species to become extinct, or deliberately murder them for our profit.

What if the roles would be turned? What if an alien species would do this to your family? You are inferior intellect, so why can't they use the same arguments as you place upon the animals in this world?

As we rape our planet, we rape ourselves. We create our own destruction.

Capitalism is good for a small percentage of people, it is not good for the whole. It is a system that abuses and destroys, that plunders and rapes without concern. It takes more than it gives, and it leaves people empty inside.

You become a package, a consumer, meant to spend your money and be selfish and shallow. The debt is taken from within you and your just a hollow shell.

Only extinction of capitalism will ensure the survival of our species, and others.

You may think poachers are often not part of capitalism, but everything on this planet functions under capitalism. There is a global economy, and an exploitation of poor countries by the rich ones. It is never a problem of 1 country, it is always a problem created by the whole.

We consume more than we need, and more than we can even produce. It only works for a minority, it will never work for all. Because not all people can live the excess luxury that some are living in this world. Driving 3 cars, having big mansions, with maids and gardeners, buying new clothing every month, consuming massive amounts of products, buying all kinds of gadgets that break down fast. It creates massive waste and requires massive energy and workers.

Without those on the bottom, it cannot function. And if everyone would live like that, it would not be possible. It would destroy our planet even faster.

So we have to start to consider a way of living that will work for all. A simpler way that will make everyone happier. Because yes wealth is rising, but so are depressions and unhappiness.

We can live a good life, with more fun, in a non-capitalistic system.

"Climate change is a product of the capitalist system, which favours the pursuit of the maximum possible profit. That is the purpose of the capitalist system, with no consideration for the lives of others. In Copenhagen we should analyse which countries are doing the most damage to the environment and, with that in mind, focus on the need for those countries with the greatest responsibility to pay for this debt to the global climate. That is an obligation ...

The Copenhagen summit is much more global in nature, it is a debate about life, about humanity. Here we have profound differences with capitalist governments. I remain convinced that capitalism is the worst enemy of humanity."

Do you agree with re-establishing harmony with nature while recognising the rights of Mother Earth?
Do you agree with changing this model of over-consumption and waste that the capitalist system represents?
Do you realize another way of living is possible?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nobody can hurt you without your permission

Nobody can hurt you without your permission
 – Mahatma Ghandi

Oh really?

Don't copy what sounds nice and spiritual.
Investigate everything.

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