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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Water games of shame

Water taken for granted

Most of the people like us - the ones able to read and write blogs on computers - do not really have to think about water. We turn on the tab and there it is. Want to wash your hair 4 times a day? You can. Want to do the dishes ? No problem. Want to play some water games during a hot summer afternoon? Go for it. Want to drink straight from the tab? You wont get sick.

Because we are in this position of comfort, we should not use our position to delve in self-intrest and for example; blog because we are bored or because of our ego. We should speak up about what is really going on in this world, and what we allow by accepting the system that gives us access to all the water we want - but deprives many of it.

In a world where people care about each other, the money would not  be spend on more commercials to brainwash and make people desire to consume. The money would not be spend on more junk food for the elite, more make up, more gadgets that break down before you can say "look what I got". The priority should be to create facilities for the population of this world that have no access to any safe drinking water. That even die because of it. They are people just like you and me , part of this world, with the same internal mechanisms. Yet we act like we are all seperate from each other, and that "our" business is our business, and that their own leaders should take care of them.
We should all take care of each other! Beginning to learn to take care of ourselves and not blindly accept ourselves as how we are programmed. Because we are raised in comfort, and many develop a certain "I only care about myself and those I have feelings for " attitude. Comfort becomes the chair of the devil, which makes people blind and not give a shit. Unless it would be themselves or their "loved ones". But that is still selfish, because then you care because YOU feel something. And when you dont, then suddenly it is not important enough. Suddenly shopping is so much more important then people who die from water contamination or water shortage.
I am not saying that we individually should go donate - that has never worked well because the core of this system was not changed - thus the same problems kept popping up. Look around you in this world, thousands of charities, and problems keep rising. If we want change, we need to work on fundamental change! Changing this entire system that creates seperation and abuse.

The lack of access to safe drinking water is the primary cause of hunger, disease and poverty throughout the developing world.

The water shortage problem in Kenya is increasing - and as weather conditions worsen around the globe - the future is not so bright in some areas of Kenya that are already facing terrible conditions.
Residents in Turkana district in the Northwestern part of Kenya, have to resort to drinking water meant for their livestock. In normal conditions residents trek for miles to get clean drinking water from boreholes and wells but due to lack of rainfall this supply of clean water has dried up. The alternative is to drink water from pans meant for livestock and as this water is stagnant and contaminated it exposes residents to the risk of water borne diseases.

The situation is worse in other rivers especially the Mara according to a report in the Guardian newspaper by George Roumeguere, the founder of Dawntodusk Foundation. Due to deforestation and pesticide poisoning caused by agricultural policies the Mara River and other rivers around it have been badly affected. As he puts it, "we have witnessed cases of animals refusing to drink from the river and also animals dying from pesticide poisoning". Residents who drink from rivers like the Nyangores, Amalo and Chepchirik have been advised to take chlorine tablets or boil their drinking water because the water has been "highly contaminated". This was proved when four people died of typhoid and others were hospitalised due to water borne infections.
Lake Nakuru in Kenya, famous for its flamingo population is also worrying conservationists who have noticed a fall in the number of flamingos migrating to its shores. The reason according to Joseph Edebe, a Senior Scientist working for Kenya Wildlife Service is drought conditions that have resulted in low water levels in the lake and the increased concentration of salt in the water. Conditions for the growth of algae, which is food for the flamingos, have to be right or the birds will find alternative lakes to migrate for their food. The pollution levels of the lake increase in the rainy seasons when storm drains get blocked thus allowing all kinds of waste materials and agricultural toxic wastes to accumulate in the waters. All these factors have contributed to a decrease in the population of the flamingos that visit the shores of the lake every year.
Another problem Nairobi faces is the burst water pipes and sewers in some estates of Nairobi, which leaves residents exposed to raw sewage. This
is an especially dangerous situation for the young children who play around the areas. The Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company is slow to offer solutions and any repairs to burst pipes is charged to local residents who cannot afford these high costs. (

People in poor areas sometimes have to walk hours to get some drinking water - which is not necessarily safe to drink.
There is even a link being made about the wealthy getting sick because of poverty. Which would literally mean we reap what we sow.
Despite clean water and improved public services, water-related diseases continues to spread in cities around the world.

Mulligan is a PhD student at the McMaster University campus of the United Nations University's Institute on Water, Environment and Health and a recipient. Her research examines why dengue fever, a severe flu-like illness spread through the bite of mosquitoes, continues to threaten urban populations in many developing countries. Mulligan's research uses Malaysia's carefully planned city of Putrajaya as her example. Designed to be a showcase of Malaysian innovation, the city has excellent public services and one of the highest standards for water quality in the world. It also has very high rates of dengue fever.
So far, she's discovered that the traditional link made between poverty and water-related diseases like dengue fever may be at the root of the problem.

If this is true, then it would be also in the best intrest of the rich to work on a system that does not allow poverty. Right now in this capitalist system where money is placed above life - the poor are misused for the rich to exploit. That I have written about earlier in some of my blogs, which you can read if your intrested.

So the general message is: do not just accept what your culture or parents have thaught you to do. Think for yourself, look at who you are and why, and what kind of system you live in. Look at the outflows, where it puts the emphasis on, what it allows within its structures and what it endorces. You will soon find out the inequality of it. Would you want to be in the shoes of people around this globe? The sweatshop worker? The abused animal? The child starving to death? The woman having to prostitute for money?
I think not. So let's work on a new world together, and create a fundamental change that lasts!

Next time you hear the tab running, it may have a whole different meaning.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Food price increase probably permanent - junk food nation

Today in the public transport newspaper "de metro" was an article about the rising food prices, and that it will probably be permanent.
The article sais: the rise in food prices probably will not be able to be reversed, said Lorenzo Bini Smaghi from the European Central Bank yesterday. The ECB said in january that they expected the food prices to go up this year. It is unsure if the food production can grow fast enough to meet up with the increasing demand.

I ask myself: where is the food demand increasing? Which countries specificly?
As you can see here: the countries growing most in population are poorer less developed areas. In this article: I have already explained why the poor areas have a higher increase in population, and why more developed countries not as much, or even have a decrease.
A question I have is, a lot of those countries deal with starvation so where do they give the food to?
Or maybe it is there but people cannot afford it. Huge amounts of food are wasted, every year, which can feed the world 3 times over!
Are we morrons? Yes
Moren then 30% of our food is wasted:,,1460183,00.html

And then we say that there isnt enough food? Our supermarkets are stacked with so much food that so much has to be throw out. We have junk food and candy and shit that is harmfull to our bodies just to satisfy the never ending desires. What if we stopped producing that shit, stop overproducing for the profit and the elite, and actually start caring about those that cannot even feed themselves at all?!
There is more then enough food to feed the entire world and there is more then enough technology available. What is wrong then? The distribution by our Capitalist system that cares more about profit then about life. Then you get situations and articles like that, because people loose track of what is really going on. And then spread lies. The Equal Money System will not allow this kind of ignorance and abuse.
The first priority is the wellbeing of ALL, and thus making sure that all have enough food to live and systain their bodies. And only after that is taken care off, can we think about more for those who already have enough.
But now in this system it is the other way around. First they think about money and profit and giving more to those who already have enough, and the poor? They have to bare the consequences.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Car insurance more expensive due to damaged roads

The Dutch newspaper HLN wrote that car insurances are going up because of the bad quality roads.

The reason why the insurance goes up due to the bad quality state of the roads, is because more damages happen to the cars because of for example holes in the roads. Here in our town we have a lot of roads with holes in them, most of them occured during the cold winter time.
"In addition to harming the environment, road salt can also do a great deal of structural damage to highways and roadways all over the country. The sodium chloride variety of road salt has the capability to put large potholes in the road, and it can break down concrete and asphalt over time, ruining road surfaces, bridges and parking lots and even damaging vehicles.
Road salt can also kill plant life and harm or kill wildlife who ingest the salt or have the salt get into their food supply or drinking water by contaminating ground water or soil.
There have also been studies showing that road salt may contain carcinogens and can be responsible for causing cancer in people who are frequently in contact with it. "
I am not going to adress the cancer speculation here, since I have no knowledge of that. But a direct observation is that indeed, during the wintertimes the roads get damaged a lot. No matter what the cause of it is, the state should make sure roads are safe for the common good of all.
But due to our money system, the money is taken from the population, from taxes + the insurances go up for the population aswell because of the damage increase to their cars. It's like a double payment.
Can we blame our government? In fact they are not doing much different then we are doing. How many times do we do things for our own self intrest which we know is damaging to others (for example gossiping, buying animal tested make up etc...), how many times do we act ignorant towards what is happening in the world? Throw waste on the ground?How many times do we punish others for what we feel inside ourselves, our desires, our fears etc...

And since the government is made out of people... there isn't really a suprise.

Here is a reply from someone living in "Vilvoorde", a town in Belgium
"We give all our money to road taxes, + the regular taxes. The government should thus make sure that we have good roads to drive on. But they dont! consequence: those paying for good quality roads pay the ones responsible for the roads, but they dont do their job, and then the tax payers have to bare the consequences of the bad working of the government, and pay extra to the insurance companies. Wouldnt it be MUCH more honest when the insurance companies would get their money from the government".

All such things we want to adress and change within the equal money system. So that we look at quality on all levels. Money and profit will no longer be the driving force of this existence, and people should be taught how to take responsibility and SEE their own responsibility in this world. As I have explained in other posts, we get raised to not see why we are the way we are, and follow along with the dominant system. We often dont realise what we are doing because we never really stood still with what we do and why. We are often very hypocrite in our words and behavior. Like blaming a government without realising we are doing the same things on other levels. Same starting point, just different outflows.
So if you blame the government for such things, you should be consequent and look at yourself and what you are doing, what abuse you are supporting, which things you do for your self intrest that cause harm to another (wether directly or indirectly, wether close or on the other side of the world).

If we want change, we will have to work for it. Inside ourselves and eventually outside of ourselves, and stand up for another world. If we dont want to, then the complaining is merely serving our own self intrest. Complaining is like gossiping, it can be fun and you can place this outside blame and feel better or innocent. But in fact it is totally the opposit. If you dont want a change, then stop complaining. everything you get you allow, since you let it exist and follow along. And then complaining is useless, and will get us nowhere, because it never did.
Only if we turn our eyes inwards and see who we are, why, and change ourselves and stop the blame, then we can take responsibility for the system we created in this world.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Resources based economy, what if?

I was reflecting on the whole resource based economy thing, and it can work, but not as long as we are the way we are. Because look at the elite in the world, the rich and priviliged countries. We have virtually all the resources we want, we have much more then we require to live and can eat ourselves superfat. We can buy closets of clothes and buckets of perfume. But we are responsible people who care for the planet thus we dont do that. FAIL! yes we do. The people have proven, that when they are given unlimited resources, they exploit it. Glutonny, greed and vanity takes over. No consideration for other life forms, no consideration of what workers have to undergo to produce such items (sweatshop work), no consideration from where the product comes from, no consideration for what it does to our human body, no consideration for what it actually supports in this world. An equal money system would make sure that abuse is not allowed, that resources are not unlimited, that other life forms are taken into consideration and that one cannot do something on the back of another, or which causes abuse. It is unacceptable.
We have proven, ladies and gentlemen, that  we cannot be trusted with unlimited resources.
NOT until we change ourselves.
And as long as that does not happen, we need restrictions to be able to at least be decent folks and live with each other and start to consider more then just ourselves.
Would I trust humanity , right now, with unlimited resources?
Hell no.

The headscarf debate

In our "actual problems of society" class we watched a short movie and interview about the headscarf debate. In the video they showed the muslim girls protesting for the right to wear their headscarf in school, and that schools are devided in allowing it or not. After there was a discussion between a muslim man who is I think part of a party but I am not sure, and Bart de Wever who won the elections months back here in Belgium, from a more right winged party.

Anyway, that debate has been going on for quite a while on wether to ban the headscarf in schools or not. And suddenly I thought to myself: this all looks like discussions to keep the population buzzy from seeing the true antrocity in this world, from seeing the true causes of all such problems.
Because on one hand they are discussing this, wether or not to ban, what to allow etc... But then on the other hand, the commercials promote sex, promote greed and glutony, girls walk around with tank tops and short skirts and presenting an image of "come and get me, I am sexy", commercials are designed to create desire in the population and buy crap that is dangerous and harmfull for the human body and other life forms, the system is based on capitalism that creates debt and poverty... But that is not really present in the debates. They single out a controversial topic (or make it controversial by writing about it) and forget the core of the biggest abuse = our money system and the way people get brainwashed and conditioned.
There is always this limited attention towards 1 topic , and if they are serious they should look at ALL forms of abuse existent. It is hypocrite for a system to go crazy on for example the headscarf thing but then when you look at the populations life, we are all abusing on massive scale! Dont we see and realise our own hypocricy? We are allowing sweatshop items to be sold and to be necessary for people to survive, we allow animal abuse for vanity, we allow commercials to brainwash everyone, we allow gossiping, we allow the gender definitions of how man or woman should be, we allow children to be raised by parents not fit to raise children, we allow alcohol to be consumed in amounts that causes many deaths , violence and rape each year, we allow our children or ourselves to dress up to be sexy and desireable, we allow judgement etc... and then we still dare to point our finger at something without realising 3 fingers are pointing back at us. As if we are innocent. We aren't , none of us is. And if we want things to change we gotta get to the core.

People in poverty and hard living situations, with lack of good education or upbringing,  often go towards radicalism or religion. Trying to get some certainty in an uncertain fucked up world. Look at what happened to use way back, where catholicism totally dominated our society and people were terrified of going to hell, where woman had to be obedient and show that they are "feminine" and play their role, or in tribes where there are strange rituals and practices towards gods. Same as what happens still in islam cultures, where people copy what has been taught to them. A lot of them are simply wanting to find a way against the capitalist system that oppresses them, some do this by "terrorist / revolutionary" acts and others go towards hoping for a better life in heaven.

In an equal money system, people would first of all not starve or having to do fucked up stuff because they have no other way to survive. No one can exploit them by threatening to take away their money. As this is adressed, people have more free time to develop themselves and investigate life. And equal money system also means equal adequate education for all, without the emphasis on greed and money. Anyone will get access to education and not just those who can afford it like today. People who looked for certainty in religion will not have to do that anymore, and education must also give them the basic skills to develop some common sence and insight in why they do what they do, why we are the way we are. Equalizing all the world nations will change many things, and will slowly but surely stop the seperation between groups and cultures. Because crime and abuse can only exist when there is an "us vs them" situation, seperation, a feeling of being disconnected from each other , being "different". We gotta realise that culture creates this. So what would be the impact if we equalize culture? And we learn to see our neighbour as ourselves?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Teenager looking for assassin through facebook

This morning I was going through the online paper, seeing it is full of bullshit about celebrities and their dresses and sports and that a sexy blond is now miss germany... That shit takes the space of the real important issues in this world. For example the starvation, the child soldiers, how our banking system creates debt and poverty, how chinese workers are often exploited for the discount shit the rich can buy and how a lot of us simply dont care. Unless it is done to us or our "loved ones" a.k.a. us because we care because OUR feelings are touched.

Anyway, I was going through the page, scrolling down and I saw this title " Teenager looking for assassin on facebook".

He wanted the woman who accused him of rape to be wiped from the face of the earth. The best thing he could think off was to look for someone to kill her on facebook. That is not really what I would choose if I wanted to commit such a crime that could cost me my life outside of prison :P
He got caught and is awaiting jail time up to 22 years.

First of all, what are people thinking when they are accusing each other of rape? Is it for revenge? Is it because of spite? Or is it some kind of secret desire?
Seconds of all, why then risk an even bigger punishment by wanting to dispose of the one that is accusing you of raping her.

Our society raises people that are able to do this to each other, to treat each other as shit. And it doesnt suprise me, when I sometimes hear and see how people treat their children. How people gossip about each other, how there is constant attention on violence, competition, winning, being "strong" etc... It are all ingredients of a "I-dont-give-a-fuck-culture". It has all become so normal. Killing, fighting, taking drugs, gossiping and talking shit about each other, animal testing for make up, exploitation, starvation... People hear it and its like: "oh well, sad, but I am going to watch some tv now."

Things have to change. We do not realise what we are creating. This profit driven system is not innocent, the media is not innocent, the parents are not innocent. We take things on without question, like puppets on strings. Learn to question your culture, your government, your own attitude and thoughts and feelings. Dont just let it control you. When you do or think something ask yourself: "Do I want this to continue in the world", "Do I want to be in the shoes of the other person", "if I was in their position, would I want people to not care about me" ? Because maybe one day you will, and then look around you, see if anyone cares and if anyone is willing to help. But all you will see is emptyness, around you and inside people. Because the life has drained out of them, and your not close to them, they are not your family or friend and your so far away. And they just keep walking and you scream, but nothing you do reaches their ears. And you feel powerless, because you cannot reach robots if they are not wired to respond to you.
This is what is really going on. Sounds to sci-fi for you? Well just look around you, look in the world. If your one of the people who said "I dnot believe what they write or show on tv", then go to those countries and investigate yourself.
Day after day we put up with this and no one is standing up to do something about it. There is this general attitude of "we are just so small", "its always been that way", "it is human nature". If all people would stop that attitude, which they can, then there would be a giant mass of people that can take action! But right now we are stuck in this low inferior attitude. Like the leaders are superhumans much better then ourselves who have to sort things out. Thats why we want an end to it and bring together a group of people that will care at . It is very easy to just let things be, but when your sick or in pain you realise how much it sucks and you just want it to end. And imagine people undergoing this daily, nto only people also animals, because of preventable things.

And right now couples can have babies, all they want, there isn't much screening being done if they are proper parents. And so many screw up their children to make them into copies of themselves that care about only money, or how they look and judging others on their appearance, that they have to "fit in", care about what others say about them, follow along and not think for themselves, to respond to punishment instead of using common sense. It is a way of creating obedient slaves. And successfull it has been. I have seen parents laughing at their child when it kicks or hits their brother or sister. as if it is innocent. But they train the child to think that behavior is harmless, like they can just kick and slam, no problem. And then on tv there is all the violence and an attitude of battle. Not only physical. Check out the tv shows about teenage girls or friends and what they argue about, and how they treat each other, or gossip. And then all the magazines with the beauty standards and what products you have to use because without them your just not good enough. And children play it out, and copy what they see. And none is questioned sincerely. Not even in school.

Why are such things even allowed to be played out on tv? It is all profit above life. Money money money. It boggels my mind thinking about that, how the hell did we come to find this so normal. Because it has become the norm ofcourse. And if you introduce these graudal changes, people accept it, take it on, continue it, and dont protest. Because it is the norm = normal. And those who deviate from that are often ridiculed. It is the way of a system to maintain itself. Making sure every opposition is silenced. Either by social pressure, physical pressure or simple ignorance.

And so we create people who will accuse each other falsly, for various reasons, who will treat each other like an object, something not worth a thing, something "less" and inferior. People who have no value for life and can dispose of each other.
Because in the end, nothing will matter anymore.
Not even our own destruction.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Zeitgeist and self change

I have been a member on the zeitgeist forum (venus project) for a while now, and what I keep seeing is arguing on the forums. Right now there was a member who often seems to be "lashing out" to others and later on said "it is human nature", "we all make mistakes". As if that justifies a behavior?
And I realise, as long as zeitgeist movement only focusses on the outer change, the design of the new systems etc... it is not going to be enough to bring forth a ral lasting change. We require a strong group if we want to change the working of the world. A group that stands with the same principle and is able to direct themselves instead of being directed by our programming.
Because if we would all just allow ourselves to be directed by the way we are all programmed within our upbringings and cultures, then we could argue forever. Because people would follow the ways taught to them without really looking at what is best and most practicle to do. And I know , it is not an easy task because of the extend of different prorgamming in this world. Thats why we have to have 1 common point to stand by. And within the Equal money system that is = to do what is best for all. Thus OBJECTIVLY. What is best, not based on a subjective thing such as people saying "jezus christ is whats best for all". Thats simply a believe. What is best for all is for example that all have basic living, food, health care, access to education etc...
And it will have to go step by step, using money to make it happen. Because you cant just BOOM place a new system right here, it takes much time and preparation. People have accepted gradual change always, thats how capitalism survives aswell. Very sneakily and slowly, things are put in place and no one really notices it because it goes slowly and people follow the flow. When you do things fast like a bomb, then things turn into chaos and people often tend to move towards fascism and toletarian regimes.
Where does it have to start? With giving people the opportunity to take a look at their lives and who they are and how the world works. An equal income will give that time. And from there on we can move on, by implementing gradual change in the ways things work (through the political route). Such as education that is more centered on what is really going on in the world, self expression and practicality to live, as well as the knowledge necessary to develop things the best way possible. Health care becomes a system of true care, not dependent on profit.
Money can be use deffectivly to move things around when it is not based on profit and abuse. If we cannot be trusted with money then we cannot be trusted without money it is as simple as that. If people can be tempted to do bad shit with money, then they can be tempted by other means aswell. We once did not have any money and at one point we did. So we already got tempted to create abuse and inequality, even before money was around. We made it, invented it.

And if we cannot change ourselves and agree on a 1 point = what is best for all. Then abuse will not stop because abusers will be allowed to go their ways. Because people do not stand up together, for whatever reasons they may have (fear, desire, depression, doubt...).
When one wants to do something it is all good as long as it is not abusing another, such as what happens now for example with the whole sweatshop workers, or animal testing for make up. I often use those examples because that is just fucked up beyond understanding.

So the Zeitgeist forum, does not take in consideration how humanity is programmed. Not enough anyway. It talks about first setting up new systems and creating new cities. But you know also, you need a large piece of land, and a lot of money. Money. Because in the current world, no change can happen without it.

When people worldwide, who want a true change in the world, stand up and get jobs of influence, emerge themselves in the system, then we can form a network to truly change things. So far those that desire power have been in control, filled with self-intrest. What if those that dont desire power, and want a change for the best of all, get to such positions? And what if this happens worldwide? Using the system but not being off the system. In that way those in power right now cant do anything about it, since you will then have a full network of people in higher positions all across the world. Who will have influence on the way things work and the votes of the people will do the rest. Because the majority of the worlds people, are living in poverty.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bible studies 101

Bible studies 101
Lets look at this bible verse 1 Peter 1:3-7
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,
First of all, which great mercy? If god has created all then he created this earth and the ability for people to be mind controlled, to be mislead and to have a malfunctioning brain. Because seriously, we do have a malfunctioning brain a lot of times. We are often not even aware when we are being fucked with, let alone know what gods plan is. So then supposedly (because the bible is made out of ancient books waaaaay back, so they say ...    who? The religious institutions who have used religion to manipulate and keep the population under control, so yeah that really adds to their credibility doesn’t it!) god wanted to give people some new living hope, through the resurrection of himself (because jezus is god right?) from the dead. People were like: “wow! Awesome trick there god really fucking cool.”  Except maybe for the swearing.
And that is supposed to give hope? Hope for what exactly? That a god is more busy with giving unclear signs and distorted messages, which can in ages to come (up till today) confuse the hell out of people so they start to make up all kinds of different forms of religion?
People just hear “god resurrected jesus Christ from the dead as living hope for all”, and they accept it? Automatically people assume that its true + that it is really a god who did it + that that god is a good god. That are all believes. Was what he did best for all? No it wasn’t, so I would be careful with that deceiver god. Who has to let himself (his son) be tortured and killed to fix his mistakes. In a very bad way since it’s not working out very well. People are confused. I mean, really confused!
and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade-- kept in heaven for you, who through faith are shielded by God's power until the coming of the... salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last time.
Oh yes that is just enough mystery bundled with some joy and fantasy to have people wanting and desiring it to be true.  It must make anyone believing it feel so much better about this life and their believes. Because of the rewards waiting in heaven. You know, fuck earth, heaven is the place to be J
And that salvation stuff, they have been talking about it for thousands of years, when is it going to happen? It is very clever to say that “it is going to happen”. I can do that aswell. I say: “a big natural disaster is going to happen where there will be thunder and the ground will turn red!”
There will, as some time, be events that live up to the prediction I just made. Ground turning red, maybe from blood, maybe from sand, maybe from the sunrise or the sundown, maybe a painting factory that explodes, or a plague of red insects.  But shhhhht we are going to give god ideas.
In school we learned how various religious leaders and even non-religious leaders used religion and the bible to manipulate the masses and keep the poor from rebelling against the rich. Because they should be content with what they have, their treasure awaits in heaven, give to the king what belong to the king. Shit like that. It kept the poor and abused from questioning the power structures.
Why do we still allow it?
And why would we allow a power structure as god describes in some books? Like we just say “yes” without any question. As if we have taken a pill that makes you respond to the word “god” with worship AUTOMATICLY.
 In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that your faith-- of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire-- may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.
See, here again, in total support of the elite structure and the status quo.
And guess what, who have kept and translated the bible books? Who read the books to the masses who couldn’t even read ages ago? Exactly, the religious elite did. The priests were very powerful back in the days. And as you can see, the bible totally reflects that power structure and keeps people from questioning it.
And ofcourse they say their faith is greater worth than gold, then they can keep all the gold themselves!!! Hah. Money money money, is so funny, in a rich mans world.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Education - 1 ear in, out the other?

Our educational system is designed to get "the right people" into the "right place". It needs people that can function in the system we currently have. Which is a system of inequality and capitalism.
From a young age we get trained to memorize and repeat. Not only in the schooling system but also through for example - the media. Human beings are treated like objects who are potential buyers. The commercials and adds are made to create desires in people so that they will want to buy things, so more jobs can be created for those things, and more stuff can thus be sold and boost the economy.
Never mind the sweatshop workers, the animal abuse, or environmental destruction...

I remember during my schoolyears I had to repeat a lot of things. For my tests I had to memorize so much, and all the students did it and then "spilled it out" on the exams and forget all about it. There were not much practicle things included and we also did not learn anything about how our system really works. We didnt learn how our economy supports worldwide poverty, how the banking system lives on debt, how to live self-honestly, why criminals become criminals, how sweatshop workers get abused for consumer goods, how animals are being tested on for vanity etc...
You get to learn a lot about the superficial things but not the more important topics. We would for example learn about jail or avoiding bad people, but we would never learn about why people become "bad" in the first place. And how to investigate our own behavior and character.

So throughout the years, students develop the tendency to repeat, memorize, and dont give a fuck.
Now in university there are much cooler classes where there are some teachers who give very valuable information about how the world works. We have one teacher who spoke out about how charity does not adress the core of the issue of poverty, and how charity is being used as a hype for people to temporarily feel good. As if they are contributing to something good and then can go on with their lives of not really giving a fuck. It sounds harsh but thats the reality. If it was your child starving in another country, you would not do the same and be rather apathetic.
While I was studying my books and courses for these exams, I came across many interesting topics. And I thought to myself how cool it was that this is being exposed and that other students will learn from it. Like about socialisation and how people are made into consumers to boost the system. But then later on when I talk to students I notice they haven't learned a thing from it. As if its just "school stuff". But that school stuff actually had some substance.

And I asked myself; is that because of the habbit we are brought up within, the habbit of "laying back" of not caring, of relativity ? Everything is not relative! There is a specific purpose and goal behind a commercial. There is a specific goal behind the system. Its not just something thats there and you can have a different opinion about. It has a set standard which it created for to reach it. And as long as we do not take self-responsebility to create a better world, we will continue to just walk as slaves and do as we are told. But its subliminal because no one is pointing at you like a dictator saying "DO THIS NOW!!". Its all done subtle so you wont notice it. Through the cultural upbringing, the millions of adds you see during your life, all those around you who have gone through the same things and thus support it themselves and influence you to follow along. The tv shows that present the dominant culture so that it all feels so normal. Critical thinking was not part of my schoolyears, it only has become a part of the schooldays now, because of different teachers. But all the years previous was a serious lack of critical thinking.

In an Equal money system, we would make sure that children are taught what is practicle, and what is real and what will develop their own critical thinking. Where they will not just follow along, and also get the room to express themselves. Also we will not allow any manipulative commercials which treat living beings as objects for profit.
There is much to consider and we cannot wait on feelings to start to move. Because if we only wait until we feel something, that means you are a slave to your feelings. Which are programmed, and then we could wait forever. Thats why some people react to 1 thing but not towards another thing.
If we support this system it means we also support all its outflows, the war, the creation of criminals, of poverty, sweatshop abuse, animal testing for vanity, abuse of nature etc...

So investigate the equal money system, and decide where you want to stand in this life.