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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bear bile extraction in Vietnam

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London is burning

For the third day in a row there have been riots all over London. The violence is now spreading to others British cities such as Birmingham and Liverpool.
The troublemakers are exchanging information with each other through Twitter and other social network sites.
16.000 cops are trying to restore order and end the violence.
They say it started saturday as a protest against the incident in Tottenham where the police killed Mark Duggan. But the violence that is now occuring, has absolutely nothing to do with it.
The rioters see it as an opportunity to smash and steal whatever they like, to revolt and cause trouble and create chaos. Many of them rob entire stores empty and even take their time to try out different kinds of shoes.

The prisons are overpopulated already, and those arrested were not older than 20 years.
Messages on mobile phones and the internet call the oungster to arm themselves with hammers and come with big cars to carry the stolen goods. "wherever you come from, steal everything. The police cant stop it", is one of the messages. Another is : "if you see the police, shoot!".
But really, does this suprise me? No. It suprises me no more than starving people suprise me.
We have a system that feeds of insecurity, that creates poverty and abuse, that creates seperation and raises children to become good consumerists which feels get manipulated to fit into the capitalist agenda. Money and profit is on nr 1, above all the rest.
So it does not suprise me that people do these things, disregarding life, violence, placing themselves above others, egoism, fighting... THE SYSTEM DOES THIS DAY IN DAY OUT.

When are we going to see this? God, its crazy we dont see this! It is all so obvious in our face, especially today in this time with all the pictures and media. People see starving people, abused animals, and after some minutes go on with their lives in the system that creates this situation in the first place.

These riots is the effect of our system that treats life as a vehicle for egoism and abuse. And then you have these things as effect. It is like a cancer that spreads through the entire body, damaging 1 organ at a time until your dead.
It's easy for everyone to point at the rioters and say how evil they are, but really we should all take a damn good look in the mirror. We, the ones supporting a system of abuse, who gossip about our neighbour, who are jealous at others and manipulate because of it, who desire to be more special, think nasty shit about another person, who buy products tested on defenceless animals, who throw our garbage in the open and in the oceans where it pollutes, damages and kills other living beings, who see ourselves as superior to other life forms, who defend a system that creates starvation, who defends a system that creates manipulative commercials to feed on peoples insecurity, who use others to our own advantage because of our "feelings" etc... so much ... too much.

There has been news that the riots are started because of the gab between the rich and poor is increasing in England, that things are getting worse and worse for a large group of people.
And you can continue to not give a shit, thats how your brought up, not really caring about life but only about your own privat bubble and feelings. Ever considered to not follow your feelings but instead direct yourself?
These riots are no solution, I agree. There is not an alternative or solution provided.
And if we dont stop, and create an alternative, then this stuff will simply keep on happening. You reap what you sow. Our system faces it's creation. Since we are the system, we face our creation.
Those houses on fire could have been your houses, losing your children like the starving people have to face since years and years.
The problem is that we follow our programmed mind, our mind wired by our specific culture, our parents, our upbringing, surroundings and what we have been exposed to. It moves you, instead of you moving yourself. When you realise how it moves you, you can start to take control back over who you are.
Investigate equal money , work together with us on a solution.

I want to add a blogpost from one of my friends Joana:

Do we really think that everything was alright before the protests?
Do we believe in the apparent illusion that people were happy in silence?

This is an accumulation effect. What goes inside is now projected to the outside...
Unfortunately we are not educated to understand how we work (our mind and our body).

Do we know where our thoughts come from?

Do we know why do we react in certain ways?

Also, we are not educated to understand where the money comes from?

Why is there poverty?

Why some have and others don't?

Why is Life on earth about paying bills and surviving, when all we want is to enjoy ourselves with fellow human beings, family and friends?

These manifestations of anger are the consequence of such accumulation of anger within each one of us. Everyone is tired of this system. Everyone is tired of survival, consciously or subconsciously.

The way to see what's really going on is putting yourself in other people's shoes. What do you see? Lack of comfort, lack of housing conditions, lack of a stable income, lack of security, lack of respect, lack of opportunities and lack of equality. Politics should be about giving, not taking. The "taking bit" comes with the economic system...

The solution is not separation. It never was and it won't be. Because we are simply fighting with ourselves, whether is a police officer or someone else - The human race against self! There is a fight within each one that must be forgiven, self-forgiven. We will have to come to a point of deciding how we want to live on this planet and what do we want to create as our reality. Each one is creating already but we need to change the direction. It can't be destruction, definitely. We are to BEcome the living example of Life. That is self-empowerment, knowing that what you do is the best for yourself and for all.

How we want to be treated is how we must treat others.

People are angry because we have existed in this survival system for too long. Enough is enough. The biggest violence exists in silence, within. And it is each one's responsibility to stop so that we can build something together.

The other silence is the corruption of the system - that which we don't see but we feel it in our daily life.

The problem we know it already because it has been the same since ever. That is why I find amazing these new creative SOLUTIONS towards equality and self-honesty