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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mediacircus Music for Life van Stubru
Mediacircus Music for Life van Stubru ( uit mijn cursus Vrijheid en gelijkheid van Sami Zemni)
iN 2008 ging het om moeders op de vlucht en in 2009 tegen malaria, de zogenaamde sensibilisering van vlaanderen voor otnwikkelingskwesties leek zich te beperken tot een gedepolitiseerde, gezellige koffieklets van BV’s op zoek naar exposure in het groeiende marktaandeel van StuBru.
men staat hierbij niet stil bij de oorsprong van de nood en hoe de wereld daar iets aan kan doen.
De wildgroei van de hedendaagse filosofie is fenomenaal en overstijgt vele malen de officiële ontwikkelingshulp. Multimilionaire voelen zich verantwoordelijk om iets “terug te doen” : Bill Gates heeft zijn stichting voor steun aan afrika, Bono promoot zijn RED producten, Armani heeft globaal fonds om Aids te bestrijden en zelfs McDonalds sponsort UNICEF.
Wat al die goedbedoelde initiatieven gemeen hebben is kritiek op inefficiëntie van de officiële hulp. Deeze filantrokapitalisten gaan ervan it dat staten onderdeel van het probleem zijn en dat hulp kan werken als je het overlaat aand privé organisaties die het managen hoe het hoort.
Bill Gates pleit voor creatief kapitalisme = kapitalisme dat ook goed moet zijn voor de armen
George Soros gaat ervan uit dat de markten moeten bijgestuurd worden zodat ook armn de voordelen van de markt plukken.
Deze apolitieke en probleemgeorienteerde aapak van de hulp leidt niet ot het in vraag stellen van de ongelijkheid in de wereld. Niemand zoekt nog naar de oorzaken van deze ongelijkheid waardoor de kwestie van ontwikkeling verengd wordt tot een technsiche kwestie van bijstand. Het gaat dan niet meer om mensenrechten, herverdeling en solidariteit maar over de welcillendheid van de rijken om een heel klein beetje te delen.
Op zich is er niks mis met deze inspanningen maar het gevaar is er dat zulke de-politisering van ongelijkheid in de wereld uitmondt in nog meer cynisme.
Enerzijds is er de liefdadigheid van mensen met goede bedoelingen of rijke stichtingen die mensen willen helpen, anderszijds is er evenveel uitbuiting, kapitaalvlucht of schuldenlast.

Hoe kunnen we de goede bedoelingen omzetten in iets wat ook goede resultaten geeft voor een hele samenleving , voor de gehele wereld?

I say=

Thursday, December 16, 2010

When people receive donations, they are always temporary

Lets talk about charity and donations. We have been giving donations and doing charity for a long time. The number of aid organisations seem to grow, together with the amount of inequality in this world. Recently they even uncovered aid workers molesting the children they were supposed to help. Can it get any sicker?

If the government does not give a shit about their people, then no matter how much money you give those people the government will continue to not give a shit and thus create conditions of inequality. When there are governments in this world who do not look at the good of ALL, but only at the good of SOME, then abuse will be re-created, in many various forms. I am talking about child prostitution, starvation, animal abuse etc...

Charity is so popular because it takes peoples guilt away and makes them believe they are contributing to a better world. It makes them ignorant towards what is really needed to change things. It gives them a chance, to stop the nagging feelings about inequality, and believe they are actually doing something about it. I am not saying that it is bad to help out others, what I am saying is that only doing this is not enough! It is temporaral guilt relieve while we continue with our own little lives - our lives lived at the back of abuse. Because your shampoo and make up is test on animals, your clothing and toys are made by sweatshop workers.
As long as this system is in place, abuse will be re-created and the inequality wont stop! No matter how much charity you do.

"When people receive donations, they are always temporary. I've seen the slums of India before, and quite honestly, it seems like donations don't make much of any difference whatsoever. Sure, they may give a family a day's worth to eat, but in the end, they'll still be hungry. Donations don't give a society jobs, steady wealth, or economic diversity. When it comes down to it, societies survive based upon 'the survival of the fittest', just as all animals do and humans did in [ancient] times.
Also, one should realize the Indian nation rarely ever does anything to help their slums alike, yet these donations go through them.
If one does not want to help their nation, how can others?
Another saying that you may have heard is, 'Give a hungry man a fish to eat, and he'll still be hungry. Give a hungry man the knowledge to fish, and he'll never starve again.'   "

VAST amount of money have been give away, BILLIONS upon billions. Oprah, Gates and other "big" names have given huge amounts. Yet what is still happening? Same abuse, same inequality.
The money for the re-building of haiti, they say it didnt get there, people are still suffering. Where the fuck is it?
Governments are struggling to get by, the economy is fucked and als made to appear very complicated so that no one may ever find out what a load of bull it is.

When are we going to say that enough is enough? When are we going to stand up as a group that decides to no longer allow such a system to exist? We are to comfortable. And we dont care, until WE feel something, untile we feel sad or hurt. Then we suddenly care. When we would be in the shoes of the abused.

Its really a shame, and we cant be proud of ourselves for what we have allowed.

These charities have been going for many many years now, we have given away vast amounts of our money from our coffers, it has made absolutely no difference, people are still dieing of starvation in Biafra, Basra, Ethiopia, Niger and many other nations have received our money are in just the same position as when the charities first started, we have given eight million pounds in aid to China just two years ago, just before they spent 29 billion pounds on the Olympic games, (although that was not from charity sources, it was given by our government) go figure that one, most of these charitiy fund raising campaigns by celebrities are just a way of keeping up their public profile so that we can admire them for being so giving, (Bob Geldoff comes to mind here, now a multi millionaire) A list actors and rock and pop stars that have personal fortunes of at least As£100 million to As£500 million each, they give up a little of their time to raise a many thousands of pounds for charitable causes, when they could, if they were really trying to raise money could dip into their own pockets and donate millions of pounds each and they would not even notice that it had gone and in fact, the interest on their vast remaining fortune would soon replace it, plus the money that they could give would be tax deductable but then, they would not have all of us thinking how great they all are, the free publicity would also not be there, there is one exception to this as far as celebrities go, Michael Schumacher has donated As£50 million of his own money to various causes, I bet that not many people know about that, if he can do it, why cant all of the other multi millionaires and of course billionaires also.
All charities are run as a business, they have directors, managers, all on large saleries, office blocks, company cars and expenses that more than match our MPs, the bosses of charities never drive about in Ford Focuses or Renault Clio`s, they drive around in Mercedes, Jaguars, BMW's costing thirty or forty thousand pounds, their offices are decked out with plush carpets and high end expensive furniture, nothing cheap for our charity hero`s, they fly first class all over the world on fact finding holidays (sorry, Missions) they never think of travelling economy class and give the money saved to the fund, all in all, charity is big business, it raises money for saleries for thousands of employees, it pays large sums of money in taxes, it has a large property ownership and a widespread campaigning force, all of this is paid for with the money that you give to help others less fortunate than you, it does help the causes but it helps the charity
business much much more.
Lets stand up now, go to and join the movement. We are only starting but every person joining is 1 more vote for world equality.