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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Perspective on One earth One Mission - will not end abuse for all
At first look, it looks pretty cool for the people who want a change in this World. It appeals to the feelings of wanting a solution for the world.But when I look abit closer into it, some points reveal which are not best for all, and which wont bring the movement any further then other charity organizations have done in the past. The hippie generation from a while back pretty much died out with their message of peace and love. Because it does not provide a practicle solution that has to be worked on, and participated in, with effort and self direction. It was mostly based o n what they felt good with , what they liked, and avoiding what does not feel good. To change things, we will also have to do things we do not like. And consider all and everything.

Ok so lets get back to whats written on the website.
Educate, empower and unite people to create earth saving networks.Sound nice, but with what and how? What is the plan for the entire planet, how to reach all people suppressed by the capitalist system, where new beings are born and brainwashed on a daily basis?
I agree that we need another education, to teach the children not to blindly follow their mind or what “sparks up” within them, to become their own self-direction and give them room to express themselves. Not just raise them into a capitalist agenda. On the website it sais “saving earth”, but it would be more like “saving humanity”. Because earth will recover, humanity wont, when disaster strikes. So up to this point it looks like the website wants to hand out education how to save the earth.So I am curious if they will address the root cause of the abuse we do to each other and this planet – which is the programmed mind, and this money system. I wonder how they plan to change this, for all, to stop inequality and separation.Reading on.Again about environment, not yet anything about who we are inside and how programming works. It talks about like minded activists, yet activists are as programmed as anyone else. Often only caring because they feel something. The key is to care, at all times, even when you don’t feel anything.If an activist for example goes against natural destruction or animal abuse, but still allows the programmed mind to control them – then they are not stopping anything. Because they might still for example blame other people who do “bad things”, without realizing WHY those people have become like that. Why did they start to abuse? What feelings/thoughts/emotions CONTROLLED those people to become like that? I often see blame and finger pointing. Merely protesting will not stop this, merely “saving” the animals and nature will not stop this from re-emerging. What has to be stopped, is the system, the CORE of the issue.
On their website it sais “The Environmental Community Eco-Education Center will generate a new wave of eco-minded students and educators. These unique educators will go forth to teach groups of people about the desperate state of our environment.”
Fine, but that will not reach those who are raised to not care. It will not change the ones on top who exploit for their riches and luxury. It will not stop the system from creating beings to follow their ego and think themselves superior over other forms of life. Because they will not care about educators coming to tell them what they should or shouldn’t do. And the very system will enable them to continue to support abuse. You can only be educated if you want to. You can say as much as you like to people, give them all the facts. The truth is – some just wont give a fuck. If I look at my own family for example. Some do not mind animal abuse, no matter what I have said – and I have said many things and given facts. They don’t care and continue to see humans as superior and only care for their own well being.
So it will be again the battle like “good vs evil” instead of realizing why some become good and why some become evil. To put it in such strong words. Also I read most about environment and stuff, but what about the other abuse in the world? Poverty, forced prostitution, the sexualisation of children, the media brainwashing, the profit over life ? etc…

This money system works on debt, it CANNOT work another way. It creates abuse. As long as we do not stop this system, it will be re created. I don’t think they realize this because they write:“Financially the environmental revolution will far surpass the computer age providing millions of jobs for people.”Are they wanting to create another money system to stop the abusive current one? I don’t read anything about it. Creating millions of jobs wont stop it, simply using its money will endorce it. We at Equal Money also want to use money, but to bring forth a new money system to stop the current one. If you don’t know how the money system right now works, do some research on it, watch videos, and you will see that it will always create lack and abuse, and cannot go without it.

Conclusion: It focuses only on environment and ecology – not on the totality of this existence and WHY abuse exists in the first place. It does not address the core of the problem, and I see no plans to stop the abusive money system that exploits and brainwashes billions.
So the Equal Money System is far more conclusive and beneficial in stopping the inequality for all on earth – considering ALL things, and not just 1 aspect.
W e are a group of people that stand for all life, as equals, and are working on creating the solution to stop the abuse on this planet. But what we have to realize, is that to change the outer, we have to change the inner. So we have started with a process of purifying ourselves from the abusive programmed behavior placed within us from this system. We are all conditioned in one way or another – and have realized how enslaved we all are, and how we as humanity follow the programming blindly, like it is some kind of God.Through being self honest, we see within ourselves and our lives, and why we do what we do, why we say what we say and feel what we feel. We start to take responsibility for our own behavior and thoughts, and don’t just blindly “go with the flow”. We stop what compromises us, and what is abusive towards others and ourselves – and  direct ourselves to stop the inequality within us , and thus within the world. We have also realized that to do what’s best for all, is not depending on any feelings. Because if you depend on feelings, you WILL NOT do what is best for all when you feel nothing. And this is what often happens. People feel nothing and thus do nothing.

Within stopping the abuse within ourselves, and the core of what creates the issues on earth, we move on to the outer world. To create another system where all people can have the opportunity to do the same. If this is shown in school, media etc… then this has a big impact on humanity. Also when people are kept busy with survival, they do not have the time to really look at this world and how its set up, or work on themselves. They are in survival mode 24/7. Thus we want to create a way to remove that. And this is through equal basic income for all. An income that will take care of peoples basic needs. This does not include luxuries. Most want to do other things to so then one can still work for that and earn labor money.When people can see clearly why they are the way they are – self trust can develop, where we then have a foundation to bring forth a new world and a new system that does not abuse. It will take time and we will have to stand strong together. But when you realize why you are the way you are and how things work right now, there is no alternative. And if you still don’t want to do nothing, it only shows the extensive programming within you and the disconnection from life. Because when life suffers,  and you are fine and don’t want to change, then there is a problem.People who then direct themselves will not be depending on another’s support of their stand. They will do so, whatever it takes. And it takes that determination to change things. Because otherwise if the basic 'human nature' isn't corrected and tested through time that it is actually standing as a point of SELF Support, then no system will be of actual support and change in this reality.
This system is not something alien outside of us, it is us, it is what we have created and allowed to exist. Without our support it cannot function, without our hands it cannot be build. It is important to realize, when you just go with this system, you are in fact keeping it alive the way it is.
We stand clear and are not afraid to be transparent and show our true faces and our real names. We want to stand accountable in this world, and be an example for others who can do the same thing.  We need to get back to sanity, and remove our hopes and believes and actually in REALITY create the solution. We have to stop waiting for something to fix things for us. Those on top know what they are doing and wont just go towards equality for all and hand you the presents.Secret and hidden agendas have to end, because this creates further distortion and secrecy – a world where we have to hide and be afraid of each other.

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