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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The headscarf debate

In our "actual problems of society" class we watched a short movie and interview about the headscarf debate. In the video they showed the muslim girls protesting for the right to wear their headscarf in school, and that schools are devided in allowing it or not. After there was a discussion between a muslim man who is I think part of a party but I am not sure, and Bart de Wever who won the elections months back here in Belgium, from a more right winged party.

Anyway, that debate has been going on for quite a while on wether to ban the headscarf in schools or not. And suddenly I thought to myself: this all looks like discussions to keep the population buzzy from seeing the true antrocity in this world, from seeing the true causes of all such problems.
Because on one hand they are discussing this, wether or not to ban, what to allow etc... But then on the other hand, the commercials promote sex, promote greed and glutony, girls walk around with tank tops and short skirts and presenting an image of "come and get me, I am sexy", commercials are designed to create desire in the population and buy crap that is dangerous and harmfull for the human body and other life forms, the system is based on capitalism that creates debt and poverty... But that is not really present in the debates. They single out a controversial topic (or make it controversial by writing about it) and forget the core of the biggest abuse = our money system and the way people get brainwashed and conditioned.
There is always this limited attention towards 1 topic , and if they are serious they should look at ALL forms of abuse existent. It is hypocrite for a system to go crazy on for example the headscarf thing but then when you look at the populations life, we are all abusing on massive scale! Dont we see and realise our own hypocricy? We are allowing sweatshop items to be sold and to be necessary for people to survive, we allow animal abuse for vanity, we allow commercials to brainwash everyone, we allow gossiping, we allow the gender definitions of how man or woman should be, we allow children to be raised by parents not fit to raise children, we allow alcohol to be consumed in amounts that causes many deaths , violence and rape each year, we allow our children or ourselves to dress up to be sexy and desireable, we allow judgement etc... and then we still dare to point our finger at something without realising 3 fingers are pointing back at us. As if we are innocent. We aren't , none of us is. And if we want things to change we gotta get to the core.

People in poverty and hard living situations, with lack of good education or upbringing,  often go towards radicalism or religion. Trying to get some certainty in an uncertain fucked up world. Look at what happened to use way back, where catholicism totally dominated our society and people were terrified of going to hell, where woman had to be obedient and show that they are "feminine" and play their role, or in tribes where there are strange rituals and practices towards gods. Same as what happens still in islam cultures, where people copy what has been taught to them. A lot of them are simply wanting to find a way against the capitalist system that oppresses them, some do this by "terrorist / revolutionary" acts and others go towards hoping for a better life in heaven.

In an equal money system, people would first of all not starve or having to do fucked up stuff because they have no other way to survive. No one can exploit them by threatening to take away their money. As this is adressed, people have more free time to develop themselves and investigate life. And equal money system also means equal adequate education for all, without the emphasis on greed and money. Anyone will get access to education and not just those who can afford it like today. People who looked for certainty in religion will not have to do that anymore, and education must also give them the basic skills to develop some common sence and insight in why they do what they do, why we are the way we are. Equalizing all the world nations will change many things, and will slowly but surely stop the seperation between groups and cultures. Because crime and abuse can only exist when there is an "us vs them" situation, seperation, a feeling of being disconnected from each other , being "different". We gotta realise that culture creates this. So what would be the impact if we equalize culture? And we learn to see our neighbour as ourselves?

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