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Monday, November 21, 2011

The future: getting your teeth drilled or pulled without sedation

This may be your worst nightmare, but it  soon may be the reality of orphans, the elderly, sick adults and people with psychic problems in Bulgaria.
The Bulgarian association of dentists has proposed to only offer dentistry treatment without sedation to poor people.

The Bulgarian newspaper 24 Chasa called it inhumane - which it is. They call these measures scary, shameless and cynical. The dentists forget that also the weaker have the right for a humane treatment. This is modern inquisition.

Yet these are things that happen to people already in the very poor parts of our world. We all know people are treated like objects, placed as projectiles in wars, as slave laborers, allowed to starve to their death. This is nothing new, why are we so numb to it? Can't we fucking shake ourselves awake!

Our monetary system creates situations of friction and seperation, it gets money through creating and allowing and requiring competition. Competition feeds jealousy and anger and injustice. And we are led to believe that "thats just the only way we can be". This is a pure lie, and many of us are the proof. Because you know yourself, you know your more than a selfish person, you know that your more than someone who wants their ego boosted in spite of another. Many of us want another system, where all are treated better and with dignity.
We have to end this system before it drags more people down with it. Before measures such as these may become the norm for more and more. Because the poor do get poorer, and the rich are still as rich as always.

There is a middle ground, where all can live a great life with abundance, but not the abundance that currently is here and destroys the planet and what is on it, that disregards other life forms. The superrich have to tone it down, so the poor can be lifted from their survival mode.

We have the solution with the

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