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Saturday, November 19, 2011

How will the under-educated people who’s been living in poverty and starvation transition to live in an equal money system? How will they be assisted?

Those who already have the necessary skills to provide for the basics of living, shall utilize them to provide for the common good, while the under-educated are given the opportunity to develop these skills as well.

They will be lifted from starvation and deprivation, and be placed in a world system where suddenly they have food every day, drinkable water, warm clothing and time to express and develop themselves. The Equal money system opens up education for all, worldwide. Thus they will be trained the necessary skills they require or want to do.

Not everyone will be required to do the same, people like to do different things. What will be necessary is a system that first maps out what is required for all to live a fully functional life, what are the basics for all. Those things have to be filled in first of all, to make sure the system is stable.Then the “spare” can be filled in, by what people choose to do. No one will be privileged to be “more” than another. The basic requirements will be provided for, by a conscription period of a limited amount of time, where each citizen of the world plays his/her role for that time being. After that time they can do what they choose to do as long as it does not harm the common good. When I say “time”, I am not talking about working forced until you are 65 like many in our current system.I am talking about 4-5 years of your life.
The requirements will already be drastically reduced because there will be no more profit system, which require the creation of useless crap items that require massive production and consumption and energy.

The poor will be supported on all levels where it is able. It will be a gradual process by first allowing them to at least LIVE. Currently , they cannot. They have to be helped physically first, because many of them require urgent medical attention and proper nutrition. Only when that is taken care off, they can develop more skills, and be trained by those who  have the required skills. As soon as that inplace, people can teach skills to each other while practicing together.

So there is:
Educational services / schooling
Training by experience / by other citizens
Training through books and media sources
training at the job site through practice

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