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Saturday, November 19, 2011

What about children born due to rape? Who will raise them in an Equal money system?

First it has to be looked at whether the parent of the child can take care and wants to take care of that child. If the parent cannot or does not want to give the proper care , then the child has to be placed with parents who do. In an Equal money system, we focus on responsibility – not only towards ourselves but also for our global society.  Another’s child is equal in worth as your own child, all children deserve a starting point where they are cared for and given the same possibilities as other children. No child should grow up in a situation of being unwanted and discarded – we all know the consequences of that on the behavior and personality the child will develop in its further life.

There will be less “unwanted” children in an equal money system, because people are brought up to care, and with respect for life. The shallow consumerism system that programs people to be egoistic will not be there. In our current world system, many rape happens in situations of war and poverty. It rarely happens in a society where there are more wealthy people. Thus, when war and poverty is eliminated, the rape will decrease dramatically.
Imagine all people being raised as you were (if you have had a good upbringing), and see the global impact this would have.

Of course we realize this will take time, it will not all be fixed in one moment. Our global system and all structures are vast, and thus it will be changed step by step.
So there will be facilities, as we have now, to take in “unwanted” children. Of course with the starting point of equality. Children will be first be taken care of there,unless they already have parents that want to take care of them (for example another relative).

Then, the children can be placed with parents, who will give them a home. These parents will also be checked regularly to make sure they give the proper care.All parents will require to go through parental training anyway. This will help our entire society, so that no child gets programmed in the wrong way, and shaped because of that. There is a lot of harm done through bad parenting currently and this has to be addressed.

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