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Saturday, December 3, 2011

If capitalism creates poverty, and poverty creates war, and war creates genocide and mass rape - then who is to blame: We or "them" ?

Almost everyone knows by now that the majority on this planet lives in poverty. Millions are starving and struggling to survive every day. No money to pay for healthcare, dentist, school... no opportunities to make your life better and earn more money...

Our world has the means and the wealth to end poverty once and for all. We have the capacity to have much more beings populating planet earth. But NOT in our current system.

A central tenant of this system is that to have a decent life you need to have a living-wage job. In New Orleans, or almost any other of the largest 50 cities in the country, poverty, low-wage jobs, and unemployment are the norm for tens of millions of Americans.
According to the 2000 census, the poverty level in the devastated Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans is 36.4%. A quarter of households have an annual income of less than $10,000. Half live on less than $20,000. Half of those living in the ward are categorized as 'not in the labor force' because they have given up looking for a job.
African Americans, and now also Latinos and other recent immigrants, are systematically shut out of opportunities for decent living-wage jobs and segregated into the poorest neighborhoods. In the case of New Orleans, that meant neighborhoods like the Lower Ninth Ward, which is the lowest-lying, swamp-infested region of New Orleans.

People are often unsure about the cause of poverty, and tend to blame it solely on the government of the specific country they are talking about.
According to WDM, the cause is:

"Policies of governments and companies are keeping people poor. Policies that ensure global trade benefits the rich, not the poor—the three richest men in the world are wealthier than the 48 poorest countries combined. Policies that give increasing power to multinational companies—for every £1 of aid going into poor countries, multinationals take 66p of profits out. The powerful are exploiting the poor to make bigger and bigger profits."

Governments function within a certain economic system - we can call ours capitalism. It is based on wealth being produced for sale on a market with a view to profit and on the competitive pressures of the market dictating that these profits are accumulated in the form of more and more capital invested to make further profits.

So the reason WHY a lot is being produced, is not to satisfy people's needs, it is to accumulate profit. And make people think they need a lot of crap, to be better, prettier, cooler etc... Preferably stuff that brakes down fast so that it has to be replaced soon = more profit.
It is thus part of the policy of capitalism, as well as an economic necessity imposed by the operation of impersonal en uncontrollable economic laws which governments have to aside by, unless they want to go down in flames a.k.a. economic crisis.
Because if you dont "go with the flow" of the system, it will reject you and you will suffer as well. So its exploit or be exploited.

Profits are placed before poor people because the governments are obliged to, by the working of the system, the market forces. It has been set in motion for quite some time, and generations blindly follow it. But it is time to realise that another system is necessary and possible.
Same with capitalist corporations. Their purpose is to make profit on the capital invested in their businesses so that their shareholders can benefit.
So the WDM (world development movement) is not entirely correct. Private companies cannot pursue any other policy than to maximise their profits. Because that is what they suggest. But it cannot happen in our current system. Because IF they do, they will go down. They will not fit into the system anymore, and there will be others to replace them. So to believe that some companies can and will change their ways and suddenly the world will change, may be too unrealistic.

Today, we see a world economic slowdown, with U.S. corporations shutting down production here in search of areas that produce higher rates of profit. The economic engine of jobs, which helped some workers in previous generations to get out of the ghettos, will not be reoccurring. The vast majority of jobs created under Clinton and Bush have been low-wage jobs, which have replaced higher-wage jobs. Under the rule of capitalism, the majority of the public faces further sharp attacks on their living standards and quality of life, with a growing number being forced into dire poverty, homelessness, and destitution.
Capitalism is a system designed to produce for private profit, not for public need. It is only by taking decision-making out of the corporate boardrooms and placing them under the democratic control of the majority that the economy can provide for our needs. To do that, we need to bring into public ownership the largest 500 corporations and financial institutions.

So, our system directly creates poverty, and poverty creates more child birth. What poverty also creates is friction, hostility, people not knowing what to do else than to fight. It caused non-education and separation. It creates rebel groups that will fight and plunder, because they have been raised in conditions that will lead a person to become a rebel. You may stigmatize them, but in their place you would probably be the exact same. It is important we teach our children about why people become like that, and why they do what they do.
The war in the other countries are always about money, because money is everything. If you dont have it, you can't eat, you cant be treated by a docter etc... Armies are created, because what else can they do? They see no way out.
And you know what a great recruitement method is? Gang rape.
The way military organisations arrange recruiment, decides if the gang rape of woman will be part of their armed conflicts. A research from political scientist Dara Kay Cohen revealed this.

From her interviews with ex-combatants in Sierra Leone, as well as similar interviews conducted in El Salvador and East Timor, Cohen argues that gang rape often serves as a means of socialization for members of armed groups who perpetrate it, what she calls “combatant socialization.” The insurgencies and armies that have abducted or press-ganged their members into service are more likely to perpetrate widespread rape than those whose “members are recruited through more voluntary methods.” She explained in an interview that gang rape “has…[a] benefit to the group unit under certain conditions. If the people in the group don’t know each other, [and] have no basis on which to trust other, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that…rape, in particular…has an even stronger bonding function than [other forms of] violence.” Gang rape, she explains in a recent paper, “enables armed groups with forcibly recruited fighters to create bonds of loyalty and esteem from these initial circumstances of fear and mistrust.”

So in the end, we are all part of this. No one is excluded from the way the world works. We all live in this system, we work for it, it gives us what we need and it does not give others what they need.
Capitalism --> creates^poverty --> creates war --> creates gang rape

There is a solution, and the solution is a new system=
Where Life becomes the prime value. Investigate it and work it out for yourself.
The majority wants change, the majority wants justice and the end of all abuse.
But the minority does not.
Yet, the majority is the majority. Unfortunately a lot of the minority are given a voice while the majority is silenced. The minority has to computers and the networks, the minority doesn't.

We can change this, don't let the minorities opinion convince you otherwise.

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