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Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 - Imminent extinction

Today is a day where about 25 % of mammals on planet Earth face imminent extinction due to habitat loss, as humans want to own more and more land to fulfill their dreams of wealth and build the palaces of capitalism.

We fear about extinction, but at the same time cause other species to become extinct, or deliberately murder them for our profit.

What if the roles would be turned? What if an alien species would do this to your family? You are inferior intellect, so why can't they use the same arguments as you place upon the animals in this world?

As we rape our planet, we rape ourselves. We create our own destruction.

Capitalism is good for a small percentage of people, it is not good for the whole. It is a system that abuses and destroys, that plunders and rapes without concern. It takes more than it gives, and it leaves people empty inside.

You become a package, a consumer, meant to spend your money and be selfish and shallow. The debt is taken from within you and your just a hollow shell.

Only extinction of capitalism will ensure the survival of our species, and others.

You may think poachers are often not part of capitalism, but everything on this planet functions under capitalism. There is a global economy, and an exploitation of poor countries by the rich ones. It is never a problem of 1 country, it is always a problem created by the whole.

We consume more than we need, and more than we can even produce. It only works for a minority, it will never work for all. Because not all people can live the excess luxury that some are living in this world. Driving 3 cars, having big mansions, with maids and gardeners, buying new clothing every month, consuming massive amounts of products, buying all kinds of gadgets that break down fast. It creates massive waste and requires massive energy and workers.

Without those on the bottom, it cannot function. And if everyone would live like that, it would not be possible. It would destroy our planet even faster.

So we have to start to consider a way of living that will work for all. A simpler way that will make everyone happier. Because yes wealth is rising, but so are depressions and unhappiness.

We can live a good life, with more fun, in a non-capitalistic system.

"Climate change is a product of the capitalist system, which favours the pursuit of the maximum possible profit. That is the purpose of the capitalist system, with no consideration for the lives of others. In Copenhagen we should analyse which countries are doing the most damage to the environment and, with that in mind, focus on the need for those countries with the greatest responsibility to pay for this debt to the global climate. That is an obligation ...

The Copenhagen summit is much more global in nature, it is a debate about life, about humanity. Here we have profound differences with capitalist governments. I remain convinced that capitalism is the worst enemy of humanity."

Do you agree with re-establishing harmony with nature while recognising the rights of Mother Earth?
Do you agree with changing this model of over-consumption and waste that the capitalist system represents?
Do you realize another way of living is possible?


  1. Thanks Ann - the signs that we are fucking up this planet beyond measure are everywhere - it's time that change our starting point and consider what is BEST FOR ALL !

  2. We have to start engaging people face to face with these too important issues. Good work.