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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Naked Aggression: 'Libya assault planned months ahead'

More analysis on the situation in Libya – we go live with Stephen Lendman, a Chicago based radio host of a political talk show.

Reporter: “So with violence raging elsewhere in the region, for example in Bahrain and Yemen , why is Libya getting all the attention?”

Stephen: “well Libya is getting attention because America support the monarchy in Bahrain, supports the president in Yemen. But does not support Gaddafi and that’s very ironic, because around 2003, Gaddafi established (inaudible) Washington, relations were fine. He had meetings with US officials including secretary of state Clinton who expressed very warm regards for Gaddafi. Basically deceiving him, because what’s going on now was planned many months in advance .
 A military engagement like America undertakes does not just happen, it is planned a week or 2 weeks in advance  - this was planned months in advance. Neuro linguistics, there were targets to pick out, troop deployments, and the massaging of public opinion in America, preparing the US public for America again to go at war illegally – this is naked aggression against another country , but the American people have to be convinced that it is humanitarian intervention, the same idea…

Reporter:”If I can just jump in – you don’t think that this is an organic outgrowth of the other uprising that are going on in the middle east region ? You think this is something that is planned for months by the US?”

Stephen: “Absolutely, this has nothing to do with the other uprisings – the other uprisings are very legitimate.  Egypt, Yemen, the Bahranians , to Haitians, the Algerians! You hear very little about this in the US media. But Libya is all over the media and has been for weeks. Gaddafi is targeted for removal – so he is the bad guy. I am not a pro Gaddafi supporter, but he is the designated bad guy. There are lots of bad guys in the region. But the ones that Washington favorites get no criticism in the US media – there is virtually no reporting about them. So Saleh in Yemen can murder civilians – and just killed dozens a day or so ago. The same thing going on in Bahrain, Saudi troops coming in murdering civilians, occupying the country – it’s barely noticed in the west. No outrage from Obama, no outrage from Hilary Clinton – but Gaddafi, who cannot instigate the violence in Libya , he responded to it. He responded to US special forces , CIA agents, British SAS forces , going in to Libya weeks, maybe months in advance ,  in listening support, arming them, funding them, and setting them off violently against Gaddafi forces . That is called : an insurrection. No responsible leader can not respond to an insurrection. If that happened in America, if it happened in Russia – the government in either country or both absolutely would respond forcefully , as it should. Gaddafi did that .

Reporter:” The Arab league has now said that the campaign in Libya has gone beyond what they backed- do you think the multinational forces review their operations , taking that into account?”

Stephen: “Well, I saw the Arab league statement – in fact I got a reuters report on my desktop that I had just before it went on air. I honestly take that as a hollow statement because the Arab League wholeheartedly endorsed “humanitarian interventioning ” against Libya – knowing full well there is nothing what so ever planned or intended, is no humanitarian intervention going on. This is naked aggression , they know it. What did they expect, when America goes in any sort of intervention, what did they expect? No attack? Nothing what so ever? They knew this was coming. They endorsed it, and now they are complaining about civilian casualties. In any sort of hostile intervention , automatically brings with it civilian casualties. They did at least dozens – I don’t think they discovered all the ones that have happened – 3 hospitals …”

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