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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Earthquake and tsunami in Japan - what in the equal money system?

"BANGKOK, Thailand — Japan’s biggest quake in modern times ravaged the nation’s northeast coast Friday with 30-foot high waves and violent tremors.
Waves moving at an estimated 500 miles per hour surged onto the coast of Sendai, a city of roughly 1 million. The tsunami, caused by an 8.9-magnitude offshore earthquake, has left at least 30 dead so far, according to Japanese news outlets.
Once ashore, the tsunami took the form of a rolling, miles-wide sludge that consumed everything in its path. The fast-moving brown water, choked with power lines, homes and other debris, was captured by airborne videographers from NHK, Japan’s national public broadcasting company. Several homes remained on fire while bobbing in the sludge."


The earthquakes and the tsunami caused by it in Japan caused many deaths and injuries, infrastructures lost, electricity loss, lack of food and also probably radioactive contamination. People are advised not to drink from the water and wear wet cloth around their body when they have to leave their house. The reactors are now claimed to be on a meltdown but this is unsure.

There is a lot of damage and they predict problems with getting sufficient food to all the people. So this will cost lots of money. Charities are beings raised up for people to donate and “help”. Let me say first of all, I am not opposed to sending help to those areas. If I was in that area I would want to be helped as well.

But we have to take this and learn from it, as we should have learned ages ago. That the system currently in place – is not the best system to take care of such problems. It depends on money to fix these problems. It “waits” for money to come in order to help.  Our capitalist system does not do what is best for all, and create products that break down fast of low quality, so people can buy new ones and work for it, to boost the economy. It is the same with a lot of things, including houses which are not build taking in consideration the environment. The houses (often in poor areas) are build in a way that they can easily be destroyed. Poor quality material, or work finished to fast to make more profit. And if disaster strikes then … it is even worse than if we would have build things with the highest quality, and with the consideration of the environment.
The Equal money system is not based on today’s money, it is not based on profit. It is about sustainability, about creating quality, taking inconsideration the life around us, the environment, the weather etc… Taking care of each other, as 1 world people. Not allowing another country to live in poverty while we prosper. Not allowing another country to create shit conditions while we have the technology and ability to do better.  When a natural disaster strikes then, the impact will be less.
We also need transparency and not a media who gives different messages to entertain the readers. Or companies or government hiding the facts because it may mean profit loss for them.
In an Equal money system there will be no need to ask donations from people, because the system will provide it regardless. As the basic agreement of “to do what is best for all”. And do our very best to deal with that situation. Also having people live in safer areas and avoiding unsafe living areas in this world. People often say “overpopulation”, but when poverty drops, birth rate drops. + there is more than enough room for even more people on this planet. Just not in capitalism . But the fact is that there are enough resources to sustain many more people. Also when scarcity is removes and people are within healthy environments with good education, many people don’t want or need children.
Check out 12 myths about world hunger:

People often say to that : “of course what else can they do”. But this is only because we have created a world where countries are in competition with each other. Where we do not take care of each other, as equals on this planet. Being 1 world, instead of divided conflicting competitive countries. Then these kind of things could be build in “safe” zones, because people would not have to worry about “not producing enough for themselves, or falling out of the boat. What will be produced in the safe zone will also be for the other countries. And there are already a lot of safer energy ways being developed. People then comment to that saying: “those “green energy” ways don’t give us sufficient power”.
But let’s look at that. Why do we need so much power/energy? Because of the massive production our capitalist system requires. So many products we don”t need, purely to make profit! People are manipulated into desiring them, thinking they need them. Just think about all the different brands of make up, or other cosmetics, or shampoo’s, candy, junk food, shoes, little useless gadgets, etc… sooooooooo much crap.  Much crap we don’t need . And what does that crap require?
That’s right.
à Jobs
And what else?
à people who desire those products
what more?
à a system that tells people they need those products so that the people know they desire it. (kinda sick).
à workers who will make those products
something else?
à workers doing shit low paid jobs, manufacturing the crap, because they need to survive.
And alllllllll that massive production to keep the profit machine going, needs a lot of energy, to fuel all the factories and production. If that system would be stopped, imagine how much less energy we would require!
The only worry then is, if humanity will be able to lay aside their selfish desires, their ego, greed and desire to want more at the cost of life itself.
Because the fact is that we can do this, the only problem is: will people step up and do it? Or will we keep abusing because of our self interest? Are we willing to let go of the crap, for a better world for all?
It is either giving up some of the crap you don’t really need, in exchange of a great life of dignity and enjoyment. Or keeping the crap, letting abuse continue and having to bust your ass off until you are 65 years off (if it is not more by then). There is much to be considered people, much. This blog post is pretty short although it may seem long to some. That is why we require to connect the dots for ourselves, investigate, research, see what is possible, see who you are, and who you are willing to be.

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