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Monday, March 28, 2011

Birds spread dangerous plastic around the entire world!!

Birds spraid dangerous plastic around the entire world!
But the correction is: HUMANS spread dangerous plastic around the entire world.
The article speaks about seabirds carrying hundreds tons of plastic from one side of the earth to the other each year. They mistake the plastic for food. The effect of the plastic is that it kills massive amounts of birds, sea animals and fish worldwide.
For example the albatross, that feed their babies with little pieces of plastic that look like food. The little ones die of malnutrition and when they body decomposes, the plastic lands back into the sea. Deadly recycling.
A lot of sea birds have plastic inside their stomach. According to experts this is also happening with sea turtles and many fish species. The northern storm bird is a common seabird, millions live on this planet. The whole population is carrying approximate 45 tons of plastic inside their stomachs. That is an estimation from Jan Andries of Franker, Biologist bij IMARES, Institute for Marine Resources & Ecosystem Studies in Wageningen.
Van Franeker is now in Honolulu where the 5th international conference of sea pollution is taking place. The previous was in 2011.
“I sometimes have nightmare where I see storm birds dropping tons of plastic on the members of this conference room” sais Franeker. “now that would be a statement”. The oceans are being more and more polluted with the enormous quantities of plastic, fishing utensils and other rubbish.
According to Achim Steiner, principal of UNEP, the rubbish at sea is an “invisible” problem en is thus ignored. New scientific research has shows that tiny bits of plastic discharge chemicals that are damaging for the endocrine system. This has dramatic effect for sea life and humans.

Yearly about 260 million tons of new plastic is made. In 1950 this was only 5 million. Everyone in the developed countries uses about 100 kg plastic a year. People in the underdeveloped world use about 20 kg.

Plastic doesn’t decompose, it falls apart in smaller pieces, until it become microscopical.  And that way it can stay 100 of years in our environment. According to the UNEP principal Steiner, new measures are necessary.  He wants to broaden the EPR system that forces fabricants and importers to recycle a certain amount of their products.  And to put “statiegeld” on plastic. Which is extra money you have to pay for it.

A last warning; “decomposable or recycle plastic should be forbidden. In Bioplastic is as much plastic as the plastic made from oil. The bioplastic just breaks down faster, but the microparts remain in the environment just like with regular plastic.”
So BIO is not always best, there is much we don’t know – people would assume bioplastic is better for the environment but it is not.

So I say: no, not higher taxes, no extra pay for plastic.
What I say is: an equal money system!!
Which will make sure life is on nr 1 and not profit! That nothing that is not necessary and is harmful for nature and beings, is not allowed.
In the equal money system there are no taxes. So investigate it! Join in with the movement.
Our current capitalist system treats beings as objects, people are just consumers, potential buyers. Manipulated through media with the commercials, triggering desires. You will never be good enough and always want and need more. That is it’s design, because it cannot fall still. If it does then no profit can be made. And capitalism thrives on profit and exploitation.
Which also requires massive amounts of energy, and fabrics – such as plastic. To fabricate all the useless shit.

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  1. thanks Ann -- it's a direct reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and the rest of the world. Plastic molecules have also been found in penguins' blood living on the North Pole! People wake up! This earth is a closed system. No one is exempt from anything that is going on here!