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Monday, March 7, 2011

Racism is for dummies

Racism is for dummies

That's right, you heard it correctly. When you are intelligent you will not be a racist. And by intelligent I mean = when you use your brain and are able to look beyond the small box your in.

Racism is when you stereotype an entire population based on a few cases. When you have a population of 12 million people, and 1 million come in the news committing crimes, the people tend to generalize what the 1 million did on the rest (the 11 million). They will look at the negative and generalize this over the rest who has done nothing wrong. And let's face it, what do we see about other cultures? What the media shows us about them, or our direct experiences. What the media presents is the conflict, war, entertainment. That is what media is about. There if a lot of biased, wrong, and stereotyped information spread through the media. It is a profit driven machine that has to print a new paper every single day. How much can you really study something in just a few hours? It needs to go really fast, there are daily deadlines, and thus the news quality goes down.

The way certain "facts" are presented also shapes the way we view a problem.
They may write:
In 2004: deaths by violence raised to 178 !

But they may not include the deaths in 2004 by traffic which are 1198 deaths, often due to alcohol/drunk driving. Which makes alcohol (which the own culture does) a far greater contributor to death, conflict and also sexual abuse.
But people don't look at that because of the way the media presents messages.
Start to think for yourself! Do you own research. Look at who you are and what you support in this world. You will see your are supporting the conflict and separation as well.

Also, "bad apples" stand out more then the good ones. The good ones you will not hear because they are calm and do nothing wrong. The population sees the ones that do something wrong, because they stand out, they create conflict and noise. And then it appears as if all people like that, are the same. It is often even generalized by a skin color, not knowing that people will a brown skin color come from all kinds of places, from all over the world.
Racists also do not realize how people are programmed, and how culture shapes individuals, and how conflict is stimulated by racism itself. It creates and "us vs them" attitude, and then the people from another culture get the impression they are seen that way anyway, and especially young people will act upon that, rebel, start to create conflicts. A racist will see someone with another skin color or a scarf around their head, and immediately react to that with emotions or stereotypical expectations and thoughts. This will alter the behavior of the racist, and the person will also pick that up and respond to it. What it creates is more and more separation between people. The racist does not see this about himself, does not realize that he would as well be like those people if he was born in their country, their family, their culture. They see their own culture as superior. But lets face it, all our cultures are fucked up, in one way or another. Our entire monetary system is backed up by abuse and egoistical snobs.

"Culture is not your friend, it's an impediment to understanding what's going on. That's why the words cult and culture have a direct relationship to each other. Culture is an extremely repressive cult that leads to all kinds of humiliation and degradation, and automatic, unquestioned and unthinking behavior."
— Terence McKenna

You only feel something for your culture because of your memories. That's it. Investigate your culture, don't just blindly accept it. We have for ages treated woman as inferior, they had to serve the man, wear skirts, do the household, be under-payed etc.... Same as what happens in some Islamic cultures for example.

Racists do not plan to work on a solution to stop cultural indoctrination. They raise themselves up above others, and in their secret mind think about how cool and great they are, and how others must see this as well. It is a gigantic ego boost.

All they do is blame, and hate, and scream. That is what it is all about, about THEM, and their superiority. That is why they don't look at how those people became that way, how THEY themselves became who they are, and how we can stop the abuse on this planet. They see those people as "different", and do not care because THEY dont feel anything for them. If you only care when you feel something, your an egoist, because YOU feel something, and only then things matter. If you dont feel something, then you dont give a shit. It is how your programmed. Do you see that? Or do you accept it blindly as who you are , as a slave?

Why I decided to write about this today, is because of an article that I saw in the Belgium newspaper about racism rising in Europe:

What would be beneficial for all cultures, is open dialogue. I once went to such a thing, with Islamic woman and christian woman. They got along well and saw that actually their is no difference between them unless a few religious rules. But inside they felt the same, they wanted the same. The Islamic woman also made clear that the quran does not want people to be terrorist or fight or kill, but that some people interpret it like that, same was as some Christians say that gay people or people who do abortion have to be stoned to death or go to hell. A lot of the conflict in Islamic cultures is because of money, poverty. Look at Europe, how many people turned to extremist ways in times of economic crisis, look at Hitlers time.

If we want to stop all this conflict in the world, we will have to address the root of it = our system, specifically our money system because that is what it is all about. We have the wealthy minority, and the gigantic poor majority. The exploited and the exploiters, and the middle class who are comfortable and don't give a fuck. Of cause that creates conflict! it creates the refugees that racists hate so much, it creates the news for the papers that create stereotypes. Who created it? All of us, this system that we support! Place yourself in the shoes of another, from their birth until their adulthood, and see how you get shaped, same way as they get shaped. How their choices could have been our choices. It are not really choices, but more like "acts on circumstances", that push someone in a certain direction.

Also back in the days, we brought people from other countries here to "do the dirty work", you know, the low payed fucked up jobs none of us want to do. They do because they had no other ways of surviving, looking for better opportunities then given in their own country. And then the jobs got better or non existent. But guess what, those people we brought here to do the dirty work are still here, and they made children. So it is also something that we ourselves have supported, for the sake of money.

Capitalism has a duality within itself.
On one hand it is colorblind, because money from a dark skinned person is as good as that of a white one.

But on the other hand, capitalism creates racism. Because they want to prevent workers and people to stand as 1 group, in unity. They don't want that so workers from all kinds have to be divided, capitalism works on active discrimination and racism. The principle of "divide and conquer" rules it. you got white and black people, if they don't get along then this causes separation and that is better for capitalists because if they would get along, then they would work together and stand as 1 strong group. Which is obviously not good for the capitalists. That way they could demand better paying work and working situations, and stand up for each other.

So racists, you have been successfully fooled by the capitalist system ;) That is why you are a dummy.

It is a paradox, which is ideal for Capitalists. In a split labour market, ethnic conflicts arise and it creates a labor market with groups that do the same work for a different price. No equality, exploitation. (for example polish people working cheap in the construction industry). Those people are often uneducated, don't have enough information to know about their rights and stuff, are happy with the low pay they get because of it, and are badly organized

Employers want obedient workers, as cheap as possible, they want those that will brake strikes, so workers cant stand up for their rights. And if that doesn't work they will even get cheap workers in other countries, or move their factories to another country. Which then shapes peoples mind to become anti union, anti strike because "companies will just move to other countries". You see how capitalism controls the way you think as well?
So they will stigmatize refugees ,different people, drive up competition and separation, stigmatize the unemployed as those that "take advantage" etc...

GroupismAs if they were internally homogeneous, externally bounded groups, unitary collective actors with common purposes

Treat groups as real, substantial things-in-the-world, as quasi natural intrinsic things

creating diverse groups, and so called "nations", are in the interest of the capitalists. It will make people believe the superiority of their group, and raise it on a standard above others. It will attach people to a certain group, with emotions, pride, which they will then act upon to defend it.

Ethnopolitical entrepreneursSeek to call groups into being
Produce what they try to describe
 Group making as a political project
 From categories into groups

Ethnopolitical entrepreneurs will look for confrontations, they will provoke it. They will deliberately show violence, by small groups, to get a discussion going. It causes group crystallization and polarization.
-->Ethnic framing
to mask the pursuit of clan, clique, or class interests

The own people are often described in very positive terms that will support the capitalist goal. Like "hard working", "modern" etc... so that the people will think "this is who I have to be to be a good person". Which also gives them an ego boost, because then they know others will see them as "good", considering the cultural standard. Hard working especially makes profit for capitalism, and "modern" may make them over consume and desire the newest car , clothing, gadgets etc.... as status symbols to show everyone "hey look how good I am, look at what I got". But lets face it, you only do that when you are very insecure, else you don't need others to look at you a certain way.

On the other hand, the foreigners, or "others" are presented as inferior, and all the inferior aspects of them are pointed out.

And Equal Money System is the solution to all of this. The basis is that all people are equal in worth, I don't mean that they are the same looking or like the same things. They are Equal as living beings, part of life, breathing and in need of the same basic requirements such as food, water, housing, health care. It is of the best interest that all people worldwide get good education, without profit being the driving force, so that people are shown how reality works, who they are, why things happen and what they are able to do. We don't need profit as a driving force, we have been led to believe that but that is not true. Tribes for example work excellent without profit drive. I am not saying we have to go back to tribe hood, but that the same attitude, can be ours since our attitude of profit right now, is simply programmed, to support capitalism.

Then no racism will be supported for profit, or entertainment. People will not be in economical struggle which would make them go into extremism. In an equal money system everyone gets the basic requirements to live, unconditionally. But that is just the basics! the rest you have to work for if you want to. No one will be able to exploit others for their profit because people will no longer require to do very dangerous and strenuous jobs to survive, since their survival will already be taken care off.

Please visit the forum to investigate for yourself and help in working on this solution:

Because you will have to connect the dots for yourself, to see how this world really works, and how we have all been successfully fooled.
Even when you think "it is not possible", even those thoughts, are specifically designed to not make you stand up

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