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Saturday, September 11, 2010

What comes forth out of com-fort ?
A new report (9/2/08) from The World Bank admits that in 2005 three billion one hundred and forty million people live on less that $2.50 a day and about 44% of these people survive on less than $1.25. Complete and total wretchedness can be the only description for the circumstances faced by so many, especially those in urban areas. Simple items like phone calls, nutritious food, vacations, television, dental care, and inoculations are beyond the possible for billions of people.  logs the increasing impacts of world hunger and starvation. Over 30,000 people a day (85% children under 5) die of malnutrition, curable diseases, and starvation. The numbers of unnecessary deaths has exceeded three hundred million people over the past forty years.

These are the people who David Rothkopf in his book Superclass calls the unlucky. “If you happen to be born in the wrong place, like sub-Saharan Africa, …that is bad luck,” Rothkopf writes. Rothkopf goes on to describe how the top 10% of the adults worldwide own 84% of the wealth and the bottom half owns barely 1%. Included in the top 10% of wealth holders are the one thousand global billionaires. But is such a contrast of wealth inequality really the result of luck, or are there policies, supported by political elites, that protect the few at the expense of the many?

Farmers around the world grow more than enough food to feed the entire world adequately. Global grain production yielded a record 2.3 billion tons in 2007, up 4% from the year before, yet, billions of people go hungry every day. describes the core reasons for continuing hunger in a recent article “Making a Killing from Hunger.” It turns out that while farmers grow enough food to feed the world, commodity speculators and huge grain traders like Cargill control the global food prices and distribution. Starvation is profitable for corporations when demands for food push the prices up. Cargill announced that profits for commodity trading for the first quarter of 2008 were 86% above 2007. World food prices grew 22% from June 2007 to June 2008 and a significant portion of the increase was propelled by the $175 billion invested in commodity futures that speculate on price instead of seeking to feed the hungry. The result is wild food price spirals, both up and down, with food insecurity remaining widespread.

For a family on the bottom rung of poverty a small price increase is the difference between life and death, yet neither US presidential candidate has declared a war on starvation. Instead both candidates talk about national security and the continuation of the war on terror as if this were the primary election issue. Where is the Manhattan project for global hunger? Where is the commitment to national security though unilateral starvation relief? Where is the outrage in the corporate media with pictures of dying children and an analysis of who benefits from hunger?

American people cringe at the though of starving children, often thinking that there is little they can do about it, save sending in a donation to their favorite charity for a little guilt relief. Yet giving is not enough, we must demand hunger relief as a national policy inside the next presidency. It is a moral imperative for us as the richest nation in the world nation to prioritize a political movement of human betterment and starvation relief for the billions in need. Global hunger and massive wealth inequality is based on political policies that can be changed. There will be no national security in the US without the basic food needs of the world being realized.
Peter Phillips is a professor of sociology at Sonoma State University and director of Project Censored a media research group. His new book Censored 2009 is now available from by Seven Stories Press.


An equal money system would ensure that this situation can never occur. It is outrages to see how unequal the resources get devided amongst the nations, and how others starve whole elites bath in luxury.

Here specificly I want to share the trap of comfort. People who live in a rich country and are reasonably (or VERY) comfortable, have a house, car, equipments, entertainment, lots of food etc... are the ones least likely to go for and want a change. They are kept blind and dump by the system to maintain the current status quo. Their feelings are directly played upon through the comfort that is offered, and the so called "possebilities" that are given to them : such as education, entertainments, holidays, carreers etc... And as we have seen in history, people often do not change unless THEY are the ones that are affected, unless THEY themselves are the ones abused and suffering. This is a clear example of how we are slaves of our feelings, how we do not direct ourselves, but let our feelings be the director.
Those feelings are programmed for you to respond upon, to keep you trapped. Because you will go to what feels good and will flee from what feels bad. While turning a blind eye to the abuse and true reality of this world, when everything is good for you.

When faced with the many antrocities in this world, many people with money feel guilty/bad/sadned.Deep down they know they are not doing anything to stop this, and make themselves believe that they cant. Our entire media is fixed to keep the population a bunch of desire following brainless monkeys who love to shop and entertain themselves at the cost of life. This may sound rude, but this is what we have become, can we be something else then that? YES! If you direct yourself, in self honest, to change. So I am merely pointing at the programs we have become, which are fake and I do not consider to be real. Its time to face ourselves with what we have become.

The old saying "bread and games" (panem et circenses) is a metaphor for a superficial means of appeasement. In the case of politics, the phrase is used to describe the creation of public approval, not through exemplary or excellent public service or public policy, but through the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace.
It happens every day, we fall for it and often dont even see it ourselves. Alcohol is the populations opium and sports the substitute of gladiator and arena fights. Keep the population entertaint and fed and they wont complain. And these days we have the entire media scene to make it appear like everything is to big for us to change. The media has massive power in this people, dont let yourself get trapped by a 1 sided story or so called "facts". Check everything in yourself in self-honesty. If you dont know about it, then also do not just believe what is presented.

A new world is possible. People are selfish and cruel because of the way they were raised. People accept this system simply because they are born in it and never knew anything else. If you would be born in an Equal money system where education is focussed on awareness, real practical skills and with cooperation instead of competition, where quality goes above quantity, then the children would not be like the children are today: which grow up into the adults we have right now. We are not raising children, we are raising ourselves! we are raising the future of our planet.

Little children are pushed into stereotypes and into behavior that is not best for all. Take for example boys that are told that crying is for sissies and they have to be "like a man" and play with cars and fight. Without given insight in why they are the way they are, where feelings come from etc... then you raise competitive egocentric males. its a very simple example, but I will adress this in another topic.

This one is abuot comfort, and how comfort is the trap of the elite.
And as long as the elite raise their children to be slaves of comfort while ignoring the world and where that comfort comes from in the first place  - those children will become as egocentric as the parents. Who place profit above life. Who care more about vanity and status, then about the value of life and the truth behind each product that they buy. Do you know that many of the popular brands are designed by sweatshop workers who have to work more then 10 hours a day? Journalists are often denied to inspect those places, and when they get in, they see and hear very stressed and suffering humans. Who have to work more then they can bare - just so they can survive.
Do you know how many of the products you buy to look more beautyfull and attractive - come at the cost of many innocent animals? Many of those products are tested on animals to see if the product will cause infection if it comes into a wound or in the eye. It is cruel and unescessary to say the least!

If you live in comfort, and you use the excuse that you cant do anything about it, or justify the abuse of others because of your self-intrest. Then dont complain about anything, if you dont want to do anything about it then no need to complain either. When you are the one suffering, or dying from it, you are basicly faced with your own ignorance. Because this is what people go through every single day while we stand here blind and deaf.

Investigate the system, see how it needs abuse to function, see how it does not do whats best for all and how it keeps the population dumb. You will find out that you can change, and that you dont have to remain a slave to it.

Equal money would makes sure that each being is given a monthly amount of money required to live a dignified life without for example starving or freezing to death. No more beings can be exploited because of poverty, no more children will prostitute themselves to be able to feed themselves. No slaves, no masters.
if you have a problem with that, please check your ego.


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  2. No more slaves, no more masters - Equality for all!
    Thanks for this research Ann!