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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Leaders only care about themselves and their private zoo's

Here we have an article about a reservoir for wild animals in Zimbabwe , that has been ravaged and the animals killed. Since Robert Mugabe in 2000, created his re-arrangement of land in Zimbabwe, 90 % of the animals have been slaughtered or sold illegally. More than half a million threatened animals, some of them the most threatened of our entire planet, have disappeared. This also cause Mugabe to “shoot” his own peoples future, since no more animals means no more tourists.

about 300 zebra’s , 560 antelopes have been killed for their skin. Also gnoes have been killed.

In total much more have been killed, like about 300 rhino’s 20.000 zebras and more then 6000 elephants. Also Kim Jong-Il from North Korea wanted to build his own private zoo, and decided he wanted a couple of all animals. So Mugabe arranged that for him, caging the animals and flying them to north Korea.  Several animals have died during that procedure.

The ones that done that, are supporters of the Mugabe government.

So basically what we have here is an extremely incapable leader of a country. Same with that Kim Jong-Il dude. Jezus Christ, as long as people who are so dishonest and abusive are in charge, this world is totally fucked. He doesn’t care about life one single bit. He just wants his own little private zoo. Who cares that animals are living beings, as long as he has his entertainment. *sigh*
And of course there is money money money behind this. As always. And the abuse through money. Because those leaders use that money to get luxuries such as private zoos and all involved with bringing animals to it for example. While they could use that money to build a good sustainable society where all can live a decent life. Yet they don’t, they care more about their self interest then about the good of all. They don’t give a shit about the people or animals or plants. Raised in this system of abuse, they have been mind controlled to become such abusers. This system has to go , asap, and equal money system will make sure all this abuse is stopped, and that no child can be raised to become as fucked up as that.

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