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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Poverty and slaughterhouse workers - recipe for abuse?
Slaughtering animals and processing their flesh is an inherently dangerous industry where company profits consistently take priority over workers' most basic rights. Today, U.S. slaughterhouses and "meat"-processing facilities employ over 500,000 workers. In their endless goal of higher volume and greater efficiency, these corporations knowingly jeopardize workers' safety every day. For decades, the state and federal agencies responsible for ensuring a safe and healthy work environment have thoroughly failed to institute and enforce basic labor laws to protect these workers. The result is an industry where corporations set the rules and government agencies follow. Consequently, workers' most basic rights and interests are compromised and the animals suffer greatly.

Long Hours & Repetitive Stress

The combination of long hours and repetitive motion directly leads to increased risk of injury. In large facilities, it is not uncommon for a line worker to make up to 40,000 repetitive cuts in a single shift. The workers suffer chronic pains in their hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and back. Repetitive stress injuries are unavoidable under the frantic pace that most facilities choose to operate.

Working an 8-hour shift in this type of environment is physically and mentally exhausting. The situation gets far more dangerous when workers are required to work mandatory overtime. According to one employee: "The last hour of a regular shift is hard. You're tired and it's hard to concentrate. Then they tell you to work two hours overtime. That's when it gets downright dangerous

A former kill floor manager gave the following account: "The worst thing, worse than the physical danger, is the emotional toll. . . . Pigs down on the kill floor have come up and nuzzled me like a puppy. Two minutes later I had to kill them-beat them to death with a pipe. I can't care.

The current state of the "meat"-processing industry is the direct result of corporate greed combined with the thorough failure of state and federal regulatory agencies in protecting these workers.

This is one of the many examples where money drives human beings (directly or indirectly) to abuse not only themselves, but other beings aswell. Chronic stress in humans promotes immoral behavior, it increases frustration and drops caring. The current money system in this world creates situations like this all over the world because profit is placed above life. Life is not valued at all.
We want it fast, we want it cheap, we want it now. And most preferably we want lots of it!
There is no way possible with the current system, to have a safe and harmonious existence where we can live together without abuse. Human beings are shaped to harm themselves and each other. Schools create you to fit in this particular system, tv manipulates you with various desires, and the uprising of commercial medicine is another truly sad example of what we have become.

If you have a little bit of life left inside of you, these things will not leave you untouched. You will probably want to do something about it but you feel to small. Like what can you do as 1 small human against this big system. It has always been this way, so it feels to big of a task and unrealistic.
And that is exactly what the system wants. Do you think a system would create and promote awareness in people, when that system wants to profit on the people and places profit above life? Hell no, that would be suicide. You have to keep the population dumb, have them thinking they are to stupid and cant do anything, they are to small, its "nature", its always been this way etc... How many times did you hear this? How many times during your life did these words be droned into you?

We promote "happyness", but at what cost? How much amount of ignorance does that "happyness" require?
If you are starving and you dont have a house when it is freezing cold outside or money to buy decent clothing, your happyness wont be the same. It is common sense that we need certain basic requirements to have a comfortable life without suffering, to be able to enjoy ourselves. Does it look like starving or deadly ill children are enjoying themselves? The man freezing to death on the streets? the animals being abused and hit? People having to resort to jobs which are extremely streneous and compromises their entire well being?

No matter how we twist or turn it, the very fact that we participate and survive in this system, makes us into an agreement with it. We thus support the creations of this system, thus we support the antrocities that it manifests.

And more and more people are saying: No! This has to stop! I will do what I can even when others do not follow. I stand as my own self-direction and stop the brainwashing within me. Life is who I am, and all is part of life. We are equal in worth and no one deserves to be raised to become an abuser or to become an abused. This system has to change, and we cannot wait for another to do it for us.

Thats why we are working on an equal money system at . We are setting the foundation in place to make this work over time and to become more specific in our knowledge of this system and our integretation within it. Because realise, we will have to use the system to change it. Because you cant run away, its everywhere and in everyone, and its not just going to hand itself over and magicly transform. If it is clever enough to con everyone, then its certainly clever enough for other things.

The Equal money system is the first step towards a new world. It is necessary to do this in steps as you know this is what works best in this world. it gives people the time to adjust so their wont be any unescessary suffering. To read more into the specifics I suggest to visit the website itself and join the forum to discuss and help. Because everyone can help. If you want to, you can become part of our group.
Dont wait until your the one that is abused to change things, stand up for yourself, and be a voice for the voiceless.

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