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Friday, September 10, 2010

9 million avoidable deaths‏ - equal money the solution

Millions of pregnant women and children die every year because of malnutrition or inadequate health services.

Ten years ago world leaders committed to drastically reduce the disgraceful number of maternal deaths by 2015, but in fact aid levels remain shamefully low. Now, some governments could be prepared to boost aid for mothers and babies, but they need massive public support to get all governments to step up.

In days our leaders meet in New York. Let's build a global outcry against needless deaths.

In the last 10 years, since the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) were set, significant advances have been made to tackle poverty -- one-third fewer mothers have died during childbirth due to increased aid and investment in maternal health care. But millions of pregnant mothers are still dying needlessly and every year 9 million children die before their 5th birthday.

There is already a specific mechanism to deliver aid for HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, but no similar system exists to support health for mothers and children. Experts feel one of the best ways to have an immediate impact is to ensure that aid is doubled and coordinated to effectively bring health care to the mothers and children who need it the most.

But with only 5 years left to meet MDG targets, there’s a danger that our leaders use the recession to shirk responsibilities to help the world’s poorest. It has always been the world's citizens that have led the fight against poverty and pushed our leaders to take critical action, and now it is up to us again.


This is part of an email I received from avaaz. They send around petitions, and petitions on all forms of social injustice and abuse have been going around since a very long time.
Is this the ultimate solution? No.
This system as it exists right now, that is focussed on profit and money above life - will create these scenario's over and over again. If a system does not do whats best for ALL, it will thus do things that are not best for all and that will compromise the existence of certain beings. It will shape the world in seperation and dishonesty, and create a world of abuse and superficialism. It creates humans that are not well educated and responsible. We might think we are, but our knowledge is very superficial and egocentric. We often hide in entertainment and because of the way we feel, which has all been programmed into us. Repeating knowledge does not equal insight and self-honesty.

The solution to problems such as these is an equal money system. ( It is a step towards a world where we can live together without abusing one another. Is there enough aid in this world that CAN be used? Yes. Is there enough resources we can use to meet the BASIC requirements for a being to live? yes. There is enough food, there is enough resources, so why dont we provide this as equal opportunity to all the worlds beings?
Money. thats why. Not just money, but what people have done with that money - because some desire more money then another, because others feel more special then another. Because we love to indulge in our pleasures that speak to our feelings , while blinding ourselves from what we are really supporting.
We love pointing the finger to all the "wrong" and "bad" things in this world, without realising we are contributing to these things every single day. All the money we spend in this system, directly supports it. There is no way out. Even if you would move to the bush you would still be supporting it through allowing it to exist and exploit those without a voice. We, the richer people, CAN be a voice for the voiceless and stand up. Especially when you have money, you can bring forth change. And yes we are rich. If you have a clauset full of clothing, a fridge full of food, warm streaming water 24 hours 7 days a week, electrical equipment and entertainment... Place this in contrast against those who dont even have food every day, or a warm place to sleep.

Please dont wait on your feelings to move you. You dont need to feel something before you act and change. True change comes from your self-direction because then you know its real and it can stand the test of time. If you depend on your feelings, its not trustworthy because feelings come and go. You are then moved by the energetics.

Within an equal money system,  all people would each month receive an amount of money by which they can survive. So that no being can starve , no one can be exploited because he/she does not have money. Because in a world of friction and seperation, no one can ever be trully happy and satisfied. If you are then you are living within an illusion of your mind, used to safekeep yourself with feelings of bliss, so you are deceived in not facing reality - while remaining ignorant in your own little world.
Its time to stop people - the change is here!
Are you?