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Friday, October 22, 2010

Divide and conquer

That is the current status of our world.
Billions of opinions, believes, traditions, personal agenda's etc... People using those against each other to have their desires fulfilled, what THEY want. We have done this for a very long time, and that is why things have never really changed. Starvation is still here, slavery is still here, exploitation of the "weak" is still here, corruption and manipulation is still here ... And as long as we allow our personal intrest above the best intrest of ALL, we will continue to build and manifest things that create seperation and divide the beings on earth.

When are we going to take a step back and look at ourselves, all our opinions, our believes, our lives in totality - and come to realise how we have become this way. That it was not free will, that it was not our own free choice, but because of our programmed choice, our programmed personality, our programmed being. Their are so many things influencing a child when it is growing up, do you really think it had no effect on you? That who you are right now is simply who you are? Are you willing to accept yourself as merely a programmed robot, and simply accept you feelings and thoughts as if they are your gods? While blaming the antrocities in this world, blaming the fucked up system, blaming all things going wrong?
If you are not willing to change the essence/core of the problem, then dont complain. To not want to change, you are allowing it.
The people doing the antrocities and abusive things, have been programmed aswell. Born in their shoes you would probably done the same thing. People who are in survival situations sometimes have to resort to cruel ways of survival, just to survive.
Our system, our money system , is controlled and ruled by people with personal agenda's, who have not looked at the totality of the programming in this world, who do not look for the good of ALL on the planet. They have not stopped themselves from following their programmed feelings and thoughts and will be steered by their reactions. So thats why everything has always failed - every single system that has ever existed on this planet. The change truly has to start with ourselves, dont use that quote in vain 'be the change you want to see in this world'. Live it and apply it, dont just repeat it. Investigate why people are the way they are, how the rapist became the rapist, how the serial killer became it, how the religious person became religious. Check out the internal mechanisms and mind constructs, look at the history, and see how that shapes our entire world. In that way you will stop the blame, and take responsability. Blame does not help anyone, blame is purely pointing fingers. And as they say, when you point fingers - 4 are pointing back at you. If you understand why people become the way you are, then you can start to look at the solutions for this. And you will soon come to the conclusion that the solution is changing the system, and thus changing the core of programming, changing the way children are raised and what is being supported within individuals.
If that changes towards the best for all, then that creates new human beings who can from the beginning of their lives, start to be self-honest and express themselves, and not be controlled by money and profit and egoism.
As long as this money system is in place - which is based on making profit and competition - abuse will happen over and over again. You may be rich now, but you may be poor and suffering the next moment.
Just look at what we allow in this society!
- items made by sweatshop workers
- items for vanity for example, tested on animals
- inplanting desires in people and children to buy buy buy in order to get the economy going

Because with out huge production our system cannot exist, and without people DESIRING to consume a lot, we cannot sustain the high production. So we need to have a lot of people that desire to have/buy a lot of things. And thats where the media commes in, and peer pressure, and judgement. So that you will be afraid of others opinions and will always do your best to fit it, thinking you will be happier when you have this or that or look this or that way. Always looking outside there, instead of working on who you are and why you are the way you are.
This system not only creates selfish individuals and abusers, but it also punishes its own creation. Because then the abusers are thrown into jail. And it also creates lazy people, and suicidal people. Why? Because the whole system is driven by superficialism and money, which is very limiting in terms of self expression and "freedom". People have to participate in that abusive system where vanity and ego is placed on top. Thinking it will fulfill them. Obviously it doesnt. No wonder people become lazy and suicidal in a system like this.

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  1. Thanks Ann! Perfectly exposed. We need extensive deprograming / reprograming of the whole world population.