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Friday, October 8, 2010

power and control throughout history

I am reviewing a class I had yesterday, writing down the key points in a separate notebook. It is a class that studies all different power-systems that has been here in history. What always comes back, is 1 part of the population (rich/elite) vs. another part (the poor). Where 1 group sees the other group as "less", and basically a group that has to be controlled for order to remain. Its a continuous struggle throughout history for power and money. Like this 1 group called "the levelers". They were against the rich and the church. But on the other hand they only allowed men above 21 years old to vote. Woman, children, poor and later also paid workers were excluded from voting. Another form to control the population has been religion. At one point this has been introduced to have the poor agree to the status quo, because it was "destined by god". So they couldn’t complain about it. It was decided by God and people should abide by Gods will. After death they would be rewarded, but right now this is how it is. The rich needed that believe because else the poor might start to rebel. And then we have the numerous discussions about what is "freedom" and what is "equality". One of them (Machiavelli) thinks that people mean "security", when they say "freedom". And that as long as their private possessions aren’t touched, they are fine with the way things are and the way the state is ruled.

And that brings me to the point I wanted to write about = self-interest that blinds us from what is really going on. Because this is not something that happened a long long time ago in the dark ages. This is happening every day in this "modern" time. Our CULTure is a culture of exploitation. It sells and promotes (adds, TV ...) animal abuse through animal testing for make up, it sells and promotes products made by child slaves or sweatshop workers, it creates desires in people making them think they are not good enough and have to buy buy buy to be better/prettier/smarter etc... All for 1 goal = power and money. Without huge consumption this system cannot keep existing, so they need a population that desires and wants a lot of stuff, and thus follow blindly their programmed feelings and desires to fulfill those false needs. Many atrocities are going on each day, we are all mass murderers, even though you may deny it. And you know why we deny it? Because we are comfortable. We are not the ones suffering, right? We have our TV, our pc, our shopping malls, our good gourmet food, our bars, our drugs, our alcohol, our believes and spiritualities, our games and toys... this is all our opium. As long as we have that comfort, that security, we will not rebel. Because we don’t feel like rebelling. And we wont because our feelings control us. Isn’t that sick? Do you want to continue living that way? I sure don’t. I rather not just be a puppet on a string.

So in the past, all these people tried to control another part of the people by forms of control and manipulation. Never did they came to 1 agreement about what is best for all. And at times when people went against the norm, they were killed (political murder).If you read this blog, and you want to work on real solutions for this world, to establish real equality , join Because its a lie that we have to wait for the rulers to direct and steer us into a way of living. All people are born equal. No one is better or worse then another, our VALUE is the same. We can stand together, and create a new world. Don’t listen to those around you saying "no we cant, we are not this enough or not that enough". You know that we can, all it needs is our self directive will.


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  2. Thanks Ann for exposing how hypnotized we are and do not care about others as long as we have something to eat, shit, drink, piss and fuck!