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Monday, September 5, 2011

More than 1 in 3 Europeans suffers from mental disorder

More than 1 in 3 Europeans suffers from mental disorder

14 % kampt met angstaanvallen, 7 % chronische slapeloos, 6,9 % chronisch depressief

38 % of the European population is dealing with a mental disorder - concluded from a large, 3 year long study of the European college of neuropsychopharmacology.

It are psychological problems such as chronical depression, panic attacks and chronic insomnia, and neurological disfunctions such as dimentia and Parkinsons.
The strangest thing is the fast increase in these conditions with woman, and that they manifest on a much younger age then usually.

Panic attacks and related disorders such as paranoia are on top of the list. 14 % of Europeans are dealing with it. 7 % is suffering from chronical insomnia. 6.9 % is chronicly depressed. 5.4 is suffering from dimentia.

According tot the ones that did the study, there are barely any differences between the countries. There is however a significant difference between males and females. With females, depressions have risen very rapidly the last 40 years, especially in the age group 16-24 years old according to Wittchen.
Females and teenagers
They link it to the change in role patterns for woman in society. What is disturbing to Wittchen and his collegue's is that the panic attacks and related illnesses are manifesting on younger ages. 90 % of the people that suffers from them, first has it in their teenage years, while in the 1970's it was people in their 20's.
30% seeks professional help.
Between 8 and 16 % go further and looks for help from specialists.

This does not surprise me at all. We all have to maintain this profit driven system that creates separation and friction between people. We have to work our ass off and perform to pay the bills and to create all the crap that capitalism requires in order to sell enough to make profit. It requires a huge working force and huge consumption and production. MUCH of which is totally unnecessary and damaging to our planet and many human beings and other living beings.
Not only that, it also deliberately creates this friction and abuse. For example making profit on people's insecurity. Look at the beauty industry: it feeds your insecurity. The more you believe a product/clothing/make up/gadget will make you BETTER, PRETTIER, SEXIER, MORE LOVED etc... the more you will go and buy it. Celebrities are used as eye catchers, for the people to follow and want to be just like them- because they are presented as people who are loved, and great, awesome, famous etc... They get money to market diets. They talk about it in magazines and interviews and woman go and buy those diet products or whatever is required. Or they launch make up and clothing lines, which all the fans just have to get a piece off.
If your BMI is to high, you’re not good enough - If you don’t have a waistline, you gotta feel insecure - if you don’t have the right clothing, what is everyone going to think? - if you don’t got a toned or peachy ass , oh no you feel like shit. - If you lashes are not dark enough, go and buy that mascara!

And on top of that, people start to judge each other as they judge themselves. Creating more separation, and often depressions in result. Because it are all those things added up, that create these balls of energy within you. Or the lack of energy because you can’t feed yourself with positive attention, or because you drain your own energy by participating in thoughts of inferiority, of not being good or pretty or rich enough.

Money plays a huge deal in mental illnesses, MUCH more than we know.
And it is very obvious if you connect the dots for yourself.

If I look at this world, how profit and shallowness drives all. How people get pushed into believes and then judge others for different believes, of how everyone has to be placed into a box to be branded, how many people have to struggle to get buy sometimes taking care of the household + doing 2 jobs. The high demands, that we allow within ourselves towards ourselves, that we accept from the system and project onto others and this world as slaves.
It's not surprising at all.
The increase may simply as well be because of the different "standards" to label something as a disorder much easier and faster. So that the selling of medicine or requirement for specialist may get up. Like with ADHD and ADD and shit, often for children which are completely fine! But get this label and then have to go on pills. That is how fucked up it is.
You got depression? Just pop this pill and you'll feel better.
Check this out:

Woman were not as much involved in the workforce as they are today. For many years woman were in an inferior role and man has to "lead". Maybe they were too afraid of women’s power ;) haha.
It was fed by religious writings passed on by religious institutions to justify women’s role as inferior beings to man.
Now woman are becoming more equal to man, their role in society and working environment. They also get the stress, the high demands, more work combined with household tasks. Some man are still stuck in the old role pattern of "woman has to do household, man work". Both of them might go working, but the woman is still on her own doing the household and taking care of the kids. I personally know a couple of examples of this. Which is quite shocking. Caring about another, means to snap out of these roles and do your own thinking and consider the one you are living with as an equal to yourself.
Each carrying a load of the "burden".

With the rise of the media, especially the consumption media! - the rise of depressions and panic attacks for example must have gone up as well. Bombarded with these messages and commercial slogans. Buy this, buy that, you need this, you need that. Added with all the bad news in this world.
I am not against showing what is happening in our world, I do this myself. But the problem is that newspapers do not add a solution. It is also based on profit. Without profit = RIP newspaper. So this should tell you a lot...
Newspapers are competitors as well.
So you see all the bad shit, all the shit from certain groups of people, but not really the cause and solution. For example: sometimes they write a lot about "immigrants", which the ignorant population blindly accepts without ANY further investigation and goes off into stigmatizing entire groups of people. Immigrants are suddenly bad and have to be repelled. No one looks at why there are so many immigrants, why people become as they are, what can stop this from being re-created. The media is very powerful in creating these stigma's and friction between people and groups of people. Because the population is simply not educated a lot. Even with years and years of studying, people are sometimes still so ignorant to not even investigate or think for themselves.

Is it not about time that we see this system is at it's end? How much more abuse and self-abuse are we willing to put up with?
Haven’t we exploited the earth and other living beings enough already?

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