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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Is Psychology Capitalism or Capitalism Psychology?

These days there are pills for everything. If your child is to bouncy and jittery, get him diagnosed with ADHD, it'a real hype I can tell you! Do you feel down a lot? Do you lack any sense of enjoyment in your life? Hurry up and get some medicine for your depression.
Chemical imbalance here, chemical imbalance there... chemical imbalance everywhere!

Ritalin, Adderall, Cylert, Prozac, sertraline, amitriptyline... you name it. You can find pills for almost everything you sense, feel or do. The whole psychology industry has become that: an industry that works on profit. It makes money to have people believe they are sick, it makes money to CREATE "mentally ill" people. Psychology is capitalism for sure.
They often claim chemical imbalances in the brain cause depression, and then subscribe the patients some kind of pill that will make it all better. Often times, it doesn't even make them feel better at all. There is not enough attention given on why chemical imbalances occur. There are however studies being done about the link between thinking, and chemical imbalances in the brain. That your thoughts actually CREATE the chemical imbalance.

Social anxiety, phobia's, depression etc... everything can be linked down to one thing: your thoughts.
Observe what thoughts come into your mind, when you follow them and ACCEPT them as you. As soon as you do that, you give your power away to them and those thoughts can drag you wherever they please. They will make you feel shy, insecure, anxious, fearful, jealous or angry. The fact is: you give them power.
The simple tools of self forgiveness, self writing and being self honest would be enough to cure a person from many so called "psychological disorders". I am not talking about the severe cases that some people suffer from. But MANY of such disorders could be easily cured by just 1 single thing: you!
No need to go for medicine and hope that things will be alright. That’s what we always do: hope for  something to fix things for us.
We mess up this world, and hope for a messiah. We feel bad, we look for someone to make it better.
Instead of looking within ourselves and seeing how we all create these things. Our world, our experiences, are simply a combination of what we all do and allow together. It is all connected in one way or more. But our minds get twisted by our upbringing and culture.

That brings me to : Capitalism is Psychology.
Because Capitalism requires a certain mindset. It requires a little group at the top and a big group at the bottom. It requires people to take factory jobs, garbage cleaning jobs, shop assistants, a shitload of consumers of crappy products, it uses sweatshop work, animal abuse, people who desire a lot of money and often feel better then another or desire to be seen as superior. It is sad that those last, often make it to high positions. So the highest positions in society are often not given to people who really care. It is often given to egoists.
Capitalism requires a part of the population to believe they are better than others, who believe the poor have it coming and create their own misery.
Capitalism requires a big part of the population to be deprived of any chance to stand up.
Capitalism requires a big part of the population to believe this is all "normal", things will always be this way and always have been, "the little man" is just to small...
Capitalism requires an obedient workforce.
It requires obedient people who "know their place".
It requires separation and friction between people so that they will never stand together as 1 strong group.
Divide and conquer is the slogan.

Advertisement and media is used to have people accept certain things and reject certain things. The more insecure people feel, the more they will buy the things that are supposed to end those insecure feelings. The makeup, clothing, beauty procedures, new gadgets etc... Also an insecure attitude helps with being stuck in the "inferior" position. Never feeling good enough, unworthy, to small and insignificant.

Because we all know, the entire world can't simply life like the top billionaires do. Our planet cannot keep up with that, the amount of cars would be enormous and who would do all the work to create all those products and maintenance? It also doesn't make people happier. Maybe for a little while, but you get used to it. Of course having enough money makes you feel better because you can afford the food you need, water, a warm place to stay and clothing, doctor visits and entertainment. But some people simply go over the top.
We can have our entire world population living a good life with their basic needs taken care off. What the wealthiest will have to do, is simply let go of their desire for more and more a little, and share with those who have absolutely nothing.

Anyway, Capitalism is psychology. Psychology is Capitalism. It works both ways.
In a Capitalist system, based on profit, money will always come number one.
So keep that in mind with whatever you encounter. Do not blindly accept a way of thinking, but think for yourself! Use your brain.
When you feel depressed, anxious etc... look at your thoughts and why you experiences such things.
Look at it and see the triggers. You have the power to decide who you will be, if you can be self honest, and will yourself to do so.

Here are some examples of people who do this:

I asked myself: what would happen if all people would have the same opportunities as rich children. Access to the same networks, the same luxury, the same education and jobs. We would have to re-create this entire world system, towards a system based on equality and inventions that LAST, products that LAST, production that is automated a lot. To make sure all needs of people worldwide are taken care off. Not some cheap products that break down fast made by sweatshops workers (like we have today) to make lots of profit and have people buy new ones regularly. Because there would be not more slaves to do all that shit day in day out sometimes for 16 hours a day. We would need to focus our attention on quality, on making this world the best we can, for as much beings as possible.

It would also mean the end of competition. Competition these days exist to have people in friction and to make profit while some have to take the hit. There is always a winner and a loser in that game.

Cooperation works much much better! People who work together to create the best we can. No more blocks for research because some scientists dont want another to use their inventions for example.
And imagine all the millions who are deprived, imagine that they would have had the opportunity to study and expand themselves. Who knows what inventions we would have done!

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