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Friday, May 13, 2011

Greece bailout EPIC FAIL !

Greece had the EU's second lowest Index of Economic Freedom in 2009 , and ranked 81st in the world.[1] The country had high levels of political and economic corruption and low global competitiveness in comparison to his European partners.

In 2009 Greece went into recession due to overlending in previous years.
By the end of 2009, the Greek economy faced the highest budget deficit and government debt to GDP ratios in the EU. This led to rising borrowing costs, resulting in a severe economic crisis.

At the beginning of 2010, there were renewed worries about excessive national debt.On 23 April 2010, the Greek government requested that the EU/IMF bailout package (made of relatively high-interest loans) be activated [2]. The initial the loan package was €45 billion ($61 billion).
A series of austerity measures was proposed on may 1. The proposal persuaded Germany to sign on to a 110 billion euro EU/IMF loan package over 3 years for Greece (retaining a relatively high interest of 5% for the main part of the loans, provided by the EU). On May 5, a national strike was held in opposition to the planned spending cuts and tax increases. Protest on that date was widespread and turned violent in Athens, killing three people.

The November 2010 revisions of 2009 deficit and debt levels made accomplishment of the 2010 targets even harder, and indications signal a recession harsher than originally feared.

Now the scenario is repeating in 2011. As the irish times write on May 9, 2011:
"THE EUROPEAN authorities are bracing for a new Greek bailout as anxiety intensifies over the lack of market confidence in the current €110 billion rescue plan for the country."

The reason why they were bailed out has to do with what creditors do in order to create more and more money. They collect money from the one in debt that they have loaned the money to. They want to continue to collect money from them, but if the debtor defaults, the creditor wont be able to collect any money from them.
So it is not some philanthropical idea to "save Greece", it is again: all about money/profit and self-intrest/egoism.

The question is: how many more times will Greece come to this same point. And which are the next countries to follow in line.
The economy is not fixed, and the CEO's and corporations who get massive bonuses prosper for it while the masses face unemployment and poverty. Those masses are often not even aware of this problem in the first place - because many are to busy with other things to learn about a "bailout" and how it works, or how it really happens. Lot's of people rely on hearsay and on TV and papers to tell them what is true and what is not, without any further research. Or they hear it being explained in such hard words, that they dont understand it and thus ignore it or say it is just to complicated for them, and "leave it to the experts".

It remains very easy then for those on top of the pyramid to prosper from the abuse created by our system. The population is dumbed down and often spoon fed with "little problems" that are aggravated and which makes them fight amongst each other. Because as long as they are busy with that, they wont take notice in the real core problem of why there is so many abuse on this planet - and how our very system creates it day in day out. Things like racism, nationalism and division in a country are promoted to pre-occupy and divide the population even further. I notice this a lot in my own country Belgium. People are placed divided against each other, on one side the ones who want everyone to live together in peace with care for all, and on the other side the ones who are "own people first!" and stigmatise people with a different origin. That stigma reflects in their words and behavior, which also makes the ones with a different origin react to it - like a chain effect. And they do not realise it is not a solution, it is even worsening the problem. They don't seem to care about a solution for all, they just like to be seperated and be "proud" of their country or "their people", because they can feel great that way. And rather complain instead of really working on an actual solution for this mess on Earth. It's a giant ego-boost to act as if YOUR country and people are superior, and use it as a defence against others. Very easy when you are part of the ones you praise ofcourse.

Everything on this planet is connected, our economies are not seperate. We have a responsibility for more then just ourselves and those we care about. We have 1 planet, which we all live on, and it is more than crazy that we allow psychopaths to decide the course of it. Many of our items for example are made by sweatshop workers - people who work sometime 17 hours a day for barely any money, to try and survive and often attempt suicide to get out of their horrible life. We buy those items, we are not a seperate thing from what they have to undergo. We all agree on this system - even when we stay silent.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Edmund Burke

We stay blind to the core of the issue, same as what we do with charity. We try to patch up the scars and wounds the system makes, but do not realise that that very system is re-creating those same problems at the very same moment we are trying to patch it up. It is like trying to remove water from your basement with buckets, while the water keeps flooding in. A never ending task.
If we really care - we have to go to the core!
These problems will not just go away. If you look at history, there has always been riots and wars. Sometimes a problem got stopped, but as you can see: it shapeshifts in another form or pops up somewhere else. And it will continue to do so as long as our system is so corrupt and abusive.

Now we CAN work together to change this! At Equal Money we work together on a new system without profit drive through abuse, without competition that seperates people, without debt. Simply visit the website, read and investigate. Do your own thinking and you will see how workable this idea is if you do not let your assumptions control you. It is not like communism as some seem to think, and it is not like something that has been tried before.

We are all part of life - and the way we have divided and seperated each other and ourselves is not doing anyone any good. That there is a small group in power who controls the dumbing down of the population, and the real info - is not beneficial for the masses. We deserve the truth, the most effective way of learning, the insight in who we really are, proper housing and health care etc...

So visit Equal Money!
Let's change things.

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2. Greece Seeks Activation of €45bn EU/IMF Aid Package, Irish Times,

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