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Monday, May 2, 2011

Chinese iPad factory workers have to promise not to commit suicide


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Workers in Chinese factories where iPads and iPhones are made, have to sign a contract  where they promise not to commit suicide and “cherish their lives”. The last 16 months  at least 14 employees of the Foxconn factories in China ended their lives because of horrible working conditions.

This is the slavery still existent in 2011 people – don’t let anyone tell you slavery has ended hundreds of years ago. It didn’t.

They have so sign a contract that they will cherish their life, while the companies they work for don’t even give a shit about their life and do not treasure life at all. The only reason why they want them to sign such a contract is because they could keep making profit and not lose their employees because  of suicides. This is totally unacceptable – and happening in our world day in day out, for products that a lot of us have bought, not knowing what is truly happening for those products to be made and sold.
Yet it does not have to be that way. Within an Equal money system the best quality will be produced, by workers and a lot of automation. No worker – in any job what so ever- would be exploited for profit, would be placed in horrible working conditions that drives one towards suicide. Automation would be imported to take care of the jobs it can take care of, making quality that lasts and not quantity that breaks down fast so it is replaced fast to make profit.

In the factories of the Apple-supplier in Chengdu or Shenzen, a lot of others have attempted suicide, according to an investigation of 2 ngo’s with 500.000 employees. Its about the 'Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations' and 'Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour' (Sacom), say the  Guardian/The Observer and the Daily Mail.

Excessive overtime

According to the researchers, excessive overtime is the standard, despite the restrictions from the law of 36 hours per month. The Observer saw a paycheck from an employee that had done 98 hours of overtime in 1 month.
During the period the demand for iPads was huge, the employees could only have 1 day off per 13 (long)days.

Can you imagine doing that amount of hours every month, at a job where you have 1 day of every 13 days, standing upright for 12 hours each of those days, doing a repetitive job on a machine that makes the same gadget over and over and over continuously while you cannot even talk, and where you just barely make enough money to survive, have no time left for any social life and see your family only once a years?

Place yourself in their shoes. Are you still satisfied with our system, even though you realize things such as this? This is not “it”, there are so many cases of abuse by the system we allow in this world. Read our blogs, watch our videos – they are not made for entertainment but to expose this system, to find people who still have a heart left inside of them and who can find it within them to stand together to bring forth a true change in this world.
Complaining is easy, disapproval is easy, hiding is easy, thinking “I can’t do anything” is easy.  It is very easy and selfish.
Because if it were our children, our mother, our father, our nephew or our aunt – we would care. We would be horrified by the position they are placed in. We would be worried about their well being.

And now that it are strangers – we don’t give a flying fuck.
These people are real. Imagine that you have to stand eye in eye with every one of them. Could you say “sorry, I don’t care” or “I can’t help you”.

We can, visit
equal money – the way is being prepared to stop this.

Leontien Aarnoudse of Sacom states in The People, that the workers have no sociale life. “their life is just working in a factory and that is it.” In Chengdu 60 to 80 hours overtime per month are normal. Foxconn admits that it violates the law regards overtime, but keeps up that this is by volunteers. However, workers say they have no choice, because else they fall back on their basic pay which is 1.350 yuan (140 euro) per month for a 48-hour week.

Horrible work- and living conditions

The ‘anti-suicide clausule’ was imported after sociologists brought the bad working conditions to light. It did not help much, because according to the researchers, the workers still live in abdominal conditions, where some only see their family once a year.
They have to spend their night in dorms, where they are with 24 others. Beneath those buildings are nets, to prevent suicide. Foxconn spokesperson Louis Woo says that the suicides have no connection with the bad working conditions. “There is a copying-effect. When one kills himself, the rest follows.”

Having to build nets under the buildings so the workers would not jump to death… That is EXTREME. Shows how desperate some people feel, totally void of hope. Because many of them are trapped – their job is the only way to survive in our system. You can say “they should get a better job”. The point is: they can’t. They don’t have the options.

The last statement is also extremely abuse: “when one kills himself, the rest follows.”
As if it is a little game. Look someone killed himself, let’s do it as well! This is not a child game of look and follow. Suicide is not just something you out of the blue decide to do like: “hey, I think I am going to commit suicide today
The world is run by demons. Look no further – don’t think about poltergeist, or the devil waiting for you in hell. If you want to go to hell, you should go work there, and face the humans that do not give a shit about life, and will place profit above your life. See how much you will matter then – you will matter nothing at all. And that is the worst situation you can live in, because without being valued, you can be discarded and abused with great ease.

Shake yourself out of apathy – this is the worst disease of humanity today. Pure apathy. One of the reasons why feelings are deceptive and should not be your guideline. YOU have to become your guide, your own director, not dependant on your programmed feelings.

Several managers of the company blame employees about their suicide, saying they do it to get higher pay for their co-workers. Foxconn sais the suicides are regrettable, and admits to have some challenging months ahead. Sacom sais the company first replied to the suicides by sending monks to the factories, to exorcize bad spirits.  

What is one to do , when you realizing your policy and company is causing much people into suffering? Ignorance. Telling lies and making yourself believe it. And that is exactly  what the managers do to live within the reality they maintain. However, the more you tell lies and accept it inside yourself, to more it will “ingrain” within you and will become part of your mind. It will go up to a point that it has total control over you and have infiltrated your entire being. And the apathy will make sure that it is not questioned.

They should not send monks to the factories to exorcize “bad spirits” a.k.a. demons – the managers should exorcize their own demons. It is demonic to place your own life as superior, deciding the value of others is far less than your own. Else you are not able to exploit people to such an extent. That is the demon, not the workers

Public humiliations

The research also shows that bad performing workers, are publicly rediculed, and that the workers have to stay silent while they – standing up the whole time- perform their 12 hour shifts. The required silence is according to the Foxconn spokesperson Louis Woo  for their own safety, so they would not get distracted.

About the humiliations Woo says: It is not like the company does it or encourages it. “I do not exclude that it happens, considering the diversity and size of our workforce.” The man says that the company makes effort to improve things.

As if things are not worse enough…

Code for behavior

How are such working conditions possible at an importer of Apple? The company has a behavioral code that demands employees to be treated with respect and dignity. The company sais they see those rules are followed, but according to the Daily Mail, the auditrapport from Apple shows that the suppliers in China do not live up to that norm.

The Foxconn-factory in Chengdu supplied its First iPad in november, and should have made 100 million by 2012. Apple sold more than 15 million iPads last year, and this years has sold almost 5 million already. The company made 4.1 Billion euro profit last year.. (sam)

Much profit, lots of money , created by abuse. Much profit, for items that break down fast. Profit on nr 1 , lives of human beings on nr 2 (or below).

The ones who should have a code of behavior are the employers – the companies . A code of behavior not to exploit life  , to treat beings with dignity and respect , to place life on nr 1 and not profit, and to stand as equals to their employees.  That is the code of behavior that should be existent on our planet, everywhere. The code of “what is best for all” .
The equal money system is that code – it is the creation of that code to for the first time be established on this planet.
Don’t wait up.

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