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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Underwater suite for the elite

Near the Fiji islands in the pacific, you can now stay in a suit 15 meters underwater. The Poseidon Undersea Resort has 24 rooms, more like capsules, of 10 by 5 meters. You can view the beautiful underwater life and can reach your room through a transparent lift. The rooms are decorated with leather and marble, according to the Jules Vernes submarine theme. Each room has a button to feed the fish so that they swim close to the window. At night you can activate the lights to attract the fish.

All inclusive, you pay about 30.000 dollar or 22.684 euro a week. Included are 2 night in a submarine suit, 4 nights in a mansion on the beach, an expedition with a submarine, a course to learn to manage a mini submarine, diving lessons and walking on the bottom of a lagune. Next to the 'regular' rooms, there are also apartments for rent. There is a restaurant, library, cinema and wedding chapel.


While people all over the globe don't have sufficient safe drinking water, die of starvation, have no decent clothing to protect their body, no basic health care etc... we decide that we want to build even more things for the rich elite of this world. What does this say about our system, and about who we are?
We continue to look for more and more for the rich, while ignoring the poor that suffer the consequences of our global system.

Instead of working together on durable solutions for all life, creating quality instead of quantity, establishing a system where all can enjoy themselves - we create a world of superficialness and egoism. We keep on building and producing more for ourselves, because we never have enough. That is how we get programmed, by never being satisfied and constantly looking for the next energetical fix that will make us feel better.

By our system of mass consumption and production, we create more pollution, more waste and require more energy and jobs that are useless but have to be filled in to keep the profit machine going. Imagine working your entire life until your 65 years old, every day 8 hours, to produce these little plastic gadgets in a factory. Is that really the way you would like to spend your life?

All people should be able to spend their time observing and enjoying nature or underwater life, to relax and express themselves. Within the current system this is only possible for a small part of the world population.
Within the Equal Money movement, we are preparing the way to create a new world - for all people, all beings, and not just the lucky few.

To remove the brainwashing from the human being, we will also have to be willing to change ourselves.
While many realize this world is in fact an economic prison, not many will dare to stand up and suggest a different route be taken altogether. The main reason for this is that most are simply too pre-occupied with ‘survival’ and feel trapped in the system. Therefore, a solution had to be found – one that considers the current state most find themselves in. The question is, how to give someone who is mostly pre-occupied with money and how to make money, a realistic opportunity where they would consider a better solution for the world?

The answer is Money. Where Jesus spoke the words: “give up all your possessions and follow me” – Desteni offers a more practical approach through the ‘Desteni I Process’: where one not only get to know oneself and learn how to break free from one’s conditioned limitations, but also actually secure one’s future through earning an income that will grow over the years.

So, for all those who have been eager to ‘do something’ about this fucked up reality, but never knew ‘how’ – here is your opportunity to prove that you were actually serious: join the Desteni I Process, and help us through helping yourself.

Understand that the ‘Desteni I Process’ is also a vehicle to accumulate the necessary funds for the political implementation and bringing about of an Equal Money System in 20 years time – thus you are directly investing in a better future for humanity by participating in the DIP.

I would also like to refer to a blog post from Leila Zamora Moreno

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