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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This pic sais more than words ever can

This mother was chased off a cliff with a group of dogs, the mother plundged to her death and her horn was later removed - the calf then took a day to find its mother!!!

In just 4 years rhino poaching has gone up by a massive 2500%. This huge increase is down to the new high tech methods poachers are currently using. Organised syndicates have taken poaching to a new level. Even supposed wildlife conservationists and veterinarians have got in on the act.

Previously the poachers would go in on foot, sometimes using a crossbow, strong enough to pierce the rhinos thick skin. The steel arrow would penetrate the animals body, piercing the rhinos vital organs and causing serious injury. Other poaches will brutally mow down the animal with an assault rifle or use high powered tranquilisers to knock the animal out. The poachers are ruthless and will often kill a pregnant cow, or a cow with a calf. The calf is then either left to die with no mother or it is slaughtered as well for its tiny, insignificant horn.

But now these new methods have taken the assault to the skies. From a small helicopter the rhino is darted with a night vision rifle. The horn is then brutally chopped off while the animal is still alive, leaving them to die slowly and painfully. The use of a helicopter allows the criminals much easier access and also a quick getaway. They have often disappeared without a trace before it is even realised that the brutal act has taken place. These new methods mirror those of normal wildlife capture carried out by conservationists and the veterinary drugs used implies that a vet has been involved with this disgusting trade.

This is what happens in a profit driven system, where people have to resort to criminal ways to survive.
Let's end this, don't wait any longer.

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