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Saturday, October 8, 2011

your "inner voice"

The following quote is a serious mind fuck, and this post will explain to you why it is.

"Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice.Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.There is no reason not to follow your heart..:)"

The first thing we have to realise, is that often the "inner voice" we have inside our head, is our programming. It are your parents, your teachers, your past friends, the media and commercials ... It is your past repeating inside your mind. We often think those thoughts are who we are, but actually those thoughts are programmed within us during our life time, dependant on where and with who and how we grew up. Take for example beauty, what you think is beautiful (inside your head) will depend on which culture you grew up in, what you heard people say, what you heard in the media. The voice in your head might tell you your not good enough, your not slender enough, or maybe it will tell you your a hot bitch, supersexy wanted by all.
Or take religion. Chances are high that when you grew up in a very christian environment, you will have the religious dogma's and reasons and believes planted inside your brain. You might even begin to think its God talking to you. You will hear the words your parents have spoken to you, or the preacher has spoken in his weekly sermons.

The quote sais that you shouldn't let others opinions drown out your own "inner voice", but actually : others opinions ARE your inner voice.
Quite a fuck up.
And often times we won't even notice, because we have a bad memory and forget a lot about what happend in our past, what influenced us, what people said etc...

"Your time is limited" sais the quote. Our time is limited indeed, so we should stop following blindly our inner voice, and be self directive.

How to escape being the slave of your inner voice?
Self-honesty. By looking at yourself and who you are, and why. Not just blindly repeat things and following what others have done before you. By seeing if your choices and words are best for all, and not just pure self-intrest.  Getting to know yourself fully, and being able to forgive yourself for your past, and to change yourself if something does not honor you or is abusive in one way or another.
So don't just repeat words, or actions such as gossiping or laughing at another person, judging them, hating, being racist etc... Investigating this world and yourself will open up just how much enslaved we really are.

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