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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Animal friendLIE

You may be one of those people who try to do their best to live a good life, to be a good person, to buy fairtrade and animal friendly products. But if one day you find out that your "animal friendly" products are not friendly at all... would you care? I mean really care, not just say "ooo nooo thats horrible", but wanting to actually start working on a change to stop this continuous abuse?

There have been new revelations from the meat industry. Secret footage was shot from 26 Dutch pig farms, showing sick, crippled and dead pigs.

Some of that footage comes from stables who got branded "animal friendly". And this is exposed now, but think about the hundreds of unrevealed cases all over the world with all kinds of products where a form of abuse is allowed to create those products. In this case, it are not products though, it are living beings like you and I.
Despite  the brands and initiatives from the last couple of years to improve the situation in the meat industry, there is no animal friendly meat yet.  Some people really don't care and say that it tastes nice, as the main argument. But what if you mother tasted nice on a bbq, does that mean people should eat her?

Animals are living beings, who live just as much as you do, who breath and eat and are part of this world. It doesn't mean that because they live in another form, that therefor they are inferior. We have a habbit of placing ourselves as superior and backing this up by our own reasons. Like the nazi's did with their reasons why the jews had to die. Or with the apartheid regime in South Africa. People make up all kinds of reasons to be able to place themselves on top and abuse others.

And none of this abuse will end, as long as this system keeps creating humans able to do such abuse, which programs human beings to follow their ego, their desires, to buy what the coorporations want them to buy, to be what the system wants them to be. And as long as the nr 1 goal of this system is money/profit, things wont get better. Things will change but there will always be abuse. Yet it doesn't have to be this way! We at Equal Money are working on the change together, and anyone can be part of it. It is easy to sit on our lazy asses and think about the world just "being the way it is supposed to be". Therefor you gotta start using your brains and look around you, within you, and in this world. Things are not just the way they are by random chance. There are reasons behind it. And the effects are clear as well.

If you want to end animal cruelty, you will have to stop the very system which creates the inferior/superior judgements. Else we will keep spinning around, forever feeling bad for the abuse, while it never ends. Donating and donating, while it keeps being created at the same time. A never ending circle.

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